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So, there was a break in the electrical service which shut down my computer unexpectedly.   When it rebooted,  all my desktop icons were aligned left.  I've had desktop anomalies happen after a sudden power break before, so was not terribly alarmed.

I waited for the reboot to complete, then shut down properly and restarted.  Same problem.

Did something get corrupted in the unexpected shutdown that should be fixed?   Should I do a system restore?   I need some guidance on how to proceed.

I searched a bit and found a few people talking about something similar, but there was nothing definitive other than things people were trying.

Windows 10
version 1703
OS build 15063.540

I updated Skype.  After a reboot of the computer, I am prevented from using Skype because it is asking for somekind of certificate renewal.  It seems to be for the Yahoo ads that track my interests to deliver current ads  and is about:

The details in the left panel of the screenshot say it is:, Yahoo! Inc.

But there is also a note on that panel that says "ensures the identity of a remote computer"
what?  why is there a remote computer involved?  That made me come here to ask about this.

 I wanted to make sure this is ok before I allow it to update the certificate.

Should I go ahead and click the "Install Certificate" button?  Or is there something else I should do to get Skype to let me use it again?

For the last three months, I have been having trouble getting Windows updates.  There will be multiple instances of the updates failing to install, and then eventually will install successfully.  Except this time.  The attempt to install on June 28 has not been successful.

After the failure to install on June 28 ( 22 failure notices each for 2 updates)  I ran the fixer here:

Got this report:

Windows could not automatically detect this network's proxy settings !
Potential Windows Update Database error detected - Fixed
Windows Update componenets must be repaired: Fixed
Check for pending updates: Fixed.

Went to the updates panel in the settings area:
Checked for updates, and it found the NET framework one. Installed it, and had a successful install notice after the restart.

I searched for updates again and was told I am up to date, even thought the cumulative Windows update KB4015438 was still not installed.

I ran the fix again, and the search for updates failed to find it.   I went to the fixit page, and per step 2 instructions, downloaded the first update Windows Update Standalone Installer (Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1607 for x64-systems (KB4015438) Last updated 3/19/2017 (is that important?)) it started to install and then I got and error that said  it was the wrong version for my computer.

There were two other versions, one for Windows Server 2016, and one for Windows 10 Version 1607

The  next step (step 4) is to run DISM command.   Which looks scary.

But I'm wondering if I should try installing the regular Windows 10 standalone installer file first.

I just ran the update troubleshooter from the control panel this time, and it found all the previous issues plus another problem:

Some security setting are missing or have been changed. Fixed.

However, search for updates is still not turning up the cumulative update.

Please advise.  At this point, my update history is not recognizing that KB4015438 has not been installed yet. It thinks Windows is up to date.

Computer Problems, Questions and Solutions! / Print Spooler hogging CPU
« on: February 15, 2017, 11:17:26 PM »
Spooler SubSystem App > Print Spooler

Is running at 50% or more CPU.

I can restart the process and it goes back to 0, but then I'll notice things getting slow and when I check it is hogging CPU again. Seems like a silly process to be in the red zone a lot.

I check and my printer drivers are up to date.

Oddly, it resets to 0 on it's own if I just print something.

Any ideas what to do about this?

I'm currently running versionV33.6.2015.18 (posted July 27th)

I declined to update in November because of all the problems reported.

Today I got an internal WinPatrol notice that a new version was available, right after this alert:

A new process has been added to the start menu:   CMD.exe  listed in application data. I didn't copy the whole file path, unforunately.

I checked the notes and verified via the WP notes that it was a normal MicroSoft process, and the majority of the user inputs agreed.  (Although they never all seem to agree for some reason)

So I allowed it, and then a minute or so later, the notice appeared again. It seemed to be the same thing.

It was right after that when the internal update notice appeared about a new version.

So now I'm wondering if there is some glitch or other problem that needs investigating before I install the updated version.

General Software News, Updates & Discussions / WOT was blocked on FireFox
« on: January 26, 2017, 01:50:56 PM »
I got a notice that the WOT (Web of Trust) extension was blocked because it was causing instability and had been over-sharing people information somehow.

Is there a good replacement? The ones I came across all seem to have bad reviews.

Computer Problems, Questions and Solutions! / Printer stopped printing
« on: January 21, 2017, 04:56:22 PM »
Need some help with getting my printer to work.

I have a Xerox Workcentere 3215. It was working fine until I connected it to the telephone cable to get the fax to work. That works fine.  However, I now find that the printer is not hearing the command to print.  It seems to be getting stuck on a document in the queue.  Running the troubleshooter says it fixed that.  However, I'm not having trouble cancelling/deleting items in the queue.   They eventually do delete, but not instantly like normal.

When I add a new print job, the Xerox printer makes an "engaging" type noise, but doesn't continue on to print the job.  The status is showing as "Printing".

(Computer specs in my signature are up to date)

The latest Windows trouble shooter details:
Issues found :
Problem with printer
There might be problems with Xerox PCL6 Class Driver V1.1. Windows will take additional steps to further troubleshoot. Detected

User initiated troubleshooting on a USB device  Detected

I have previously used CC cleaner to clean temporary files, but then read something that said doing that  was unnecessary so I haven't installed it since updating to Windows 10.

When Corrine helped with with a recent problem, I saw that the cleanup removed a huge amount of files (ostensibly from the Windows installation) and now I'm wondering about regular purges.

What is the recommended process?  Should I run Windows Disk Cleanup periodically? And if so, what to remove. I don't want to "over clean" and want to be sure its safe to run.

Or should I get CC cleaner again and use that?   My understanding is that the Disk Cleanup doesn't deal with browser files or other application temporary files. 

I have seen Malwarebytes block this site:

a couple of times.  It is outgoing from firefox.exe   Is this just something on a page that I visit or is it something that needs a diagnostic?

Malwarebytes is always blocking incoming and occasional out-going malicious sites from skype.exe, which I understand to be normal expected behavior.

But when the block involves my main browser executable, it makes me wonder.

Analysis and Malware Removal / Rogue: JS/TechBroloba.B
« on: November 14, 2016, 02:51:06 PM »
I picked up some malware on the site today.  WOT did not have it flagged as a dangerous site.  Rogue: JS/TechBroloba.B   is listed by MS as scareware, but a high level threat.  That seems a bit contradictory.  Is there something they are not telling me?

Windows Defender recognized and quarantined this file.  I then deleted it from quarantine as directed in the notes, but its still listed in my WD history.

I ran a MalwareBytes full scan that found nothing and a Windows Defender full scan is running right now.

Once the scan is complete, I would like make sure everything is ok, so I want to post my logs for review.  However, I'm not sure whether I should restart my computer or not first.   I didn't actually take any fix actions, as Defender just notified me that it was taking care of the threat, so I'm not sure what to do there.

Please advise how I should proceed?  I have a feeling this WD scan is going to take forever. It's been a half hour and its only at about 5%.

I thought I got the windows anniversary update in August, but apparently I did not.

It downloaded in this months windows update package.  I thought I'd give my experience in case it can help someone else.

I let the computer restart to install updates.

After rebooting, the notification panel said updates did not install.

Went the Update page of the Control Panel and it said updates were available.  What the heck? I just downloaded them all.

Anyway, I clicked to get updates and a status bar appeared on the update page and gave status in percentages for  downloading, then again for preparing.

Then it asked to restart.  So I let it, but the computer never turned off. It was on the restart rotating icon for several minutes and then I got another status bar for "preparing your Windows updates".

After that, another status bar for "installing updates".

Finally got to the lock screen and signed in.  I got to my desktop and notifications said "updates are waiting to install"

So I go to the update page again and more updates are offered. I  start downloading.  Preparing. Installing.  But no reboot was requested, even though the notice said a restart would be required.

So now I have the anniversary update and all is well, right?


I have no sound.  On hovering the sound icon I see it is set to headset.   I went to the playback devices page (right click sound  icon for the link)  And found both the headset and the speakers on.   What I had to do was set the speakers as the default, save and then the sound problem was sorted.

Anyway, there is all kind of stuff on the net about having to resetting the bitrate  or downloading new drivers, but in my case it was a simple matter of just choosing and then setting the default device.

[please move this topic if I put it in the wrong form. Thanks!]

To let y'all know....

This latest massive Windows 10 update is not compatible with MagicJack Plus.    We can't use the router connection method for MagicJack because Google Fiber doesn't like it for some reason.

So, we have to use it through the computer dongle, and it doesn't play nice with the new Windows 10 update.

MJ techs say they are working on getting it compatible and the issues should be resolved in a few days.

Computer Problems, Questions and Solutions! / Printer woes :(
« on: January 04, 2016, 01:16:12 AM »
I let Windows 10 do its updates this morning and later today found that my Samsung printer is no longer working. Its been cranky for a while and jams a lot, but by stopping and starting it, I've been able to keep it working.

Its on with a perpetual jam light at the moment. I can usually clear that by opening and closing the front panel.  Windows says its there, but when I try to print something nothing goes into the queue.  The printer has also stopped making its revving up noise when you send it something.

Here's what I've done so far:

 I checked the USB connections at both ends, and everything is plugged in well.

Ran troubleshooter from the Settings area.  It found nothing. Ran it on devices and it said it fixed something about the UBport and asked for a restart.  After the restart, no change.   

I removed the printer, after another reboot it was there again in the printers list.

Ran troubleshooter  from the device manager in the events tab was this note:

Device USBPRINT\SamsungML-2510_Series\6&20780153&1&USB001 requires further installation.

PastyWhiteGuy says...o that means you need to install a driver &  wanted me to try installing from the CDs. One for XP and one for Vista. When I ran them, they each referred me to the other one. So he sends me to the Samsung website where I found  one under the model number of our printer which is:
Samsung ML -2510 Series and was so listed in the printers options list.

There was only one Universal driver for Windows:
Universal Print Driver (Driver) ver.V2.50.06.00:03 - Win 2000/XP/2003/2008/Vista/Win 7/Win 8(32/64bit) (MULTI LANGUAGE, 21.34 MB)   Feb 3, 2015

I say, "but there's no Windows 10 listed."   PWG says, it should work anyway.  So I download and install it. (after making a restore point.)  I let it install as the default printer. Says install completed successfully.  Now in the printer list it is there with a new name:  Samsung Universal Print Driver 2

After all of this there is no change. The printer is still not receiving the print commands.

What should I do now?

With Windows 10 Pro, I have the option to defer upgrades in my Windows 10 updates settings.  Apparently, this doesn't affect security updates, but just delays new features.

It seems like a good idea to let everyone else test new features for a while before I let MS install them on my computer.  But its not clear to me just what sort of new features I would be deferring, or if it would actually make updates any less hair-raising than they already are. 

Is there any downside to checking this?  Would this change my ability to delay restarts after updates?

Computer Problems, Questions and Solutions! / Some Windows 10 questions
« on: August 09, 2015, 02:14:30 PM »
I have a couple of questions after my install of Windows 10 Pro.  (And I'll probably have more, so I'm starting what may be a progressive question topic. :) )

1.  How do you make the icons in the task bar bigger?

2.  I was trying out the Cortana thing, and there was a place to replace my computer account sign-in password with a PIN.   I  wasn't sure why I would want to do that, so just dismissed the screen, but now can't seem to get back to it.   Is there a good reason to replace my pass with a PIN? And if do I find that screen again.

I have Windows 7 Pro 64 bit.

I have only been installing the important monthly Windows Updates, but not the optional ones.

I have not yet been offered the update to Windows 10 Pro.

My question: 

I understand some of the optional updates have been prep for Windows 10.  Will not installing them prevent MS from offering me the Windows 10 update?   Will they tell me which ones are needed?

Do I have to do anything to trigger the Windows 10 update?  I read that it is now available.

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