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I"m getting  a screen with this message on rebooting Windows 7 PRO (64 bit)

"media test failed. check cable" On checking for similar reports, I found dire predictions of hard drive failure, bios corruption and other scary stuff.  But the reports usually mention that the boot never completes and they are stuck there.

The thing is, I think I have always gotten this message in the boot up sequence, but it only flashes for barely long enough to read it, and then the machine boots up.
If my boot order  sequence is wrong, I don't even know how to tell, let alone fix it.  I just opened the box and and plugged in the refurbished machine and expected it to work properly. Maybe it never did? 

Honestly, I didn't even realize it was an error message until it occured to me that I'm seeing it all the time, and looked for references on the web.  I guess I just figured it meant I didn't have something inconsequential plugged in, since everything seems to be working.

Please kind computer gurus, help me sort this out?

I don't think I've ever run any kind of diagnostic or scannow or disk check on this machine yet. Should I start there?

Corrine, I believe you use the Pale Moon browser, correct?

This last FireFox update offering has really turned me off.   It pushing this new Pocket feature, but the update for new release screen  says its an important security and stability update.  There is no security changes in the release notes, and the others are for seemingly obscure problems so it makes me think Mozilla is being disengenuous stressing how "important" the update is. It just leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

Not only that, but I keep using extensions like Classic Theme Restorer to try and fix the Astralgus "improvements" to my layout.  So it is seeming more and more reasonable to get of the accelerated update train and do something more streamlined and on a sane update schedule.

My question with Pale Moon though, is whether to use the 64 bit version for my Windows 7 Pro 64-bit machine, or go with the standard 32 bit version.   Which one did you choose and why?

Also I understand profiles and extensions are completely importable--could you confirm that and provide  any caveats please?

Computer Problems, Questions and Solutions! / Windows 7 gadgets question
« on: January 02, 2015, 05:23:31 PM »
I'm running Windows 7 Professional (64bit) and just recently read that Microsoft has advised that gadgets are vulnerable to attack and they recommend not using them, and some places even talk about killing the sidebar.exe with some kind of MS fix-it tool.  Most sites just reposted MS's advisories, but didn't really explore things further.

The warnings about malicious takeovers seem to be related to  downloading gadgets that have malware in them.  However, I can't figure out from the info I've found whether its ok to use the gadgets that are already installed my windows7.  I'm only using one---the weather gadget that was already there (didn't download it from anywhere), and I'm wondering if its safe to continue to use it.  I also wonder if the whole gadget scare was more about MS preparing people to accept the new gadget-less Windows 8 platforum.   

I have uninstalled a bad windows update (detailed in this thread:!/windows-7-october-patches-questions-(failure-to-install)/ ) that failed to install.    I found my computer had apparently been shut down and restarted, and I had no connection to the internet.   Apparently, 4 or 5 other updates did install.

My connection icon in the taskbar shows I'm connected to Network 4. But nothing can access the internet.  I have to disconnect, and reconnect by using the troubleshooter and signing into my router again.  I also have to unplug and replug the hardwire to the router in the process.  I had this problem just last night after a Malwarebytes update that required a restart. I have to do this same process on every reboot, and this morning, I was disconnected again even though I did not restart. 

Once the trouble shooter completes, it shows the error is the connection and that a wire is unplugged.  It  fixes the area connection, but I have to do the unplug-plug thing and sign in to the router.  My connection icon then shows I am connected to Network 3 and I'm good to go again.

I wonder if I should uninstall the updates from a few days ago that did manage to install? 

Hi guys,

Windows 7 received updates last night, but not all of them installed.   

KB2952664 was in my programs updates list, but in my Windows Update History, it was listed as Failed.  In the morning, I found my computer had been shut down and restarted, and an alert from Windows that updates failed to install.  Also, I had no internet access and that may or not be related. I finally did get that resolved and can now connect, however I had to use a differnet network path to do it. That caused me to lose access to the shared files on our home network...but I'll deal with that in another topic if I don't get it sorted myself.

So.  I made a restore point, then uninstalled the above mentioned update (...2664) from my programs list.  When I searched for Windows updates this one was listed and checked, but another was offered.  That update is KB2949927.  I can't tell from reading the documentation if I need it or not, so before I try to reinstall anything I wanted to check out those two updates with you guys.

The other question I have is whether to install KB2952664 at all, because I saw some chatter that it was failing to install on a lot of computers and was even causing crashes. 
Reference here:

So could you give me some advice on how to proceed please?

I downloaded a program called RAR Extract Frog from the developers website.  This is a program I used on my XP computer to unzip the occasional RAR file, and really liked for its simplicity and efficiency.  (Its a lot like Sumatra--just what you need without a bunch of other stuff.)

I scanned the .exe with MSE which detected no problems in 24 items.  I then scanned it with MBAM, and MBAM found a PUP program and I okayed it to be quarantined.  MBAM removed the download completely. The history doesn't state exactly what the PUP program was. I imagine it was some tool bar or something like that.  After this I deleted temporary files and ran a full threat scan, which ended up clean.

I have a couple of questions.   

1. Was the PUP program likely something included in the installer, or would it have installed itself without my permission had I run the installer?

2. Now that the download was quarantined and neutralized, is there anything I should do? I did make a restore point before downloading the file.  I'm not sure if I should use it or not, since I didn't actually install anything.

I changed my MBAM settings from "treat PUPs as a malware threat" to "warn user about detections".  I'm assuming that would give me the choice to deleted the PUP before running a downloaded program---or am I wrong about that? 

I checked over the info on the MBAM site but didn't find information that directly answered my questions.  I figure there is likely someone here that has experience with this and can clear things up for me.

Lightspark is one of the most promising open-source projects aiming to provide better Flash support on Linux and other operating systems (like Windows now). It's based entirely on OpenGL, so you can quickly view video, geometric shapes, etc. The player supports AVM2 virtual machine, and most of the new format developed by Adobe.

Lightspark for Windows consists of the player and plug-in for Firefox.

Windows installer on this page:

This article:
mentions a couple others:
Unity Web Player, GNU Gnash, and Silverlight

Quote from: from my Linux topic
....after our breakfast discussion this morning, its looking like DH is preferrring that we just find the money and get me a new computer.    He thinks we can get a refurbed Lenovo desktop with Windows 7 on it for about $130.   I would have to add some RAM  (it only comes with 2GB, but that seems more comfortable for me than all the stuff I would have to do to switch to Linux.  The hard drive size is 80GB.  Right now, I have 256GB  (237GB free space--I'm using 60GB currently).

I hardly had time to process the idea, but DH moved ahead and bought me a computer!

Its a refurbed Dell OptiPlex 755 Desktop Computer with Windows 7.  He ordered it online. It should be here in a week. Hopefully, XP and I can stay out of trouble until then.

 Intel Core 2 Duo Processor 2.3GHz
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
80GB Hard Drive

He thinks he will be able to just put my current hard drive in it, and add RAM so that I have either 6GB or 8GB depending on what he can find.

I'm so glad that I can just move into a new "apartment in the same building" when it gets here and not have to make too many adjustments.  I'll probably need help transitioning though.  The thing that I'm most concerned about is transfering my FireFox profile. 

I went looking for logs from your computer to find out when the system was installed and see it was almost 6 years ago:

Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Boot Device: \Device\HarddiskVolume1
Install Date: 8/31/2008 6:38:09 PM

I see it was in that thread in December that you had a problem with System Restore.  I'm afraid it is a symptom of the age of the computer.  A Repair Install may fix it but no guarantee. It may help to reinstall SR.  Instructions are available at How to reinstall System Restore in Windows XP?. Do note the caution at the top that indicates that the procedure will remove all the existing System Restore points, and resets the System Restore drive monitoring options to defaults.

The caution about losing restore points is moot, is it not, since I can't use the restore option now anyway?  About to try this by this alternate method:
    Alternately, you can reinstall System Restore using the following command line:

rundll32.exe advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %Windir%\Inf\sr.inf

I assume this is copyied and pasted into the Run field in the start menu, and then activated by the Enter key?

But before I do, can someone tell me what happens when you run this?  I understand I might need to insert my WindowsXP disk, but what if the re-install doesn't work? Is there any problem that might happen from trying this?

Also, last night I got a little notice that a Windows update was ready to be installed.  Since XP isn't supposed to be getting any more updates,  I looked online, and found a blog post that said MS had pushed out an update to XP for some kind of IE hotfix.   I didn't click the icon because responses to the post from a couple of XP users said the update crashed their computer.

So I decided to do the system restore repair first, in case I had the same problem, and didn't allow the update to install yet. It was very late, so I decided to go to bed and deal with it this morning.

Now this morning,   (I did not shut the computer down last night.) I got a system message that "some tasks did not complete" and the updates icon is no longer in my taskbar, and my MSE castle icon is no longer in the taskbar (but when I pull up the console, it says it is on and up to date).   After I get through this system restore reinstall process, I might need help on how to get the May 1 update again if it doesn't come up on the Windows Updates site.

Hi, I'm starting this thread to get help from LilBambi and other Linux users here as I attempt to transition my computer away from Windows XP to Linux.  We've been hit for so many unexpected bills lately that even the $100 it would cost to buy Windows 7 would be a hardship right now, so I think I'm willing to put the effort into learning a whole new system if I can do what I need to do on it.

I've used other office programs so I won't miss MS Office that much, but I guess my main concern is if I can still use Photoshop. I have CS3.  A friend told me that Wine could possibly make PS compatible with Linux. If so, then I think I'm pretty good with that.

I've done some of the suggested reading, but I don't really understand the stuff about partitions and such.  From some other recommendations, I had DH download and burn a live CD of Linux Mint 32 bit with a MATE Xfce desktop.    So, is this a good place to start, and is that the right way to go with my operating system?  (stats in my signature) 

I've read about installing Linux over top of Windows XP ( which I assume would mean no going back),  setting up a partition so that both can be used, and booting from a live CD.   I'm not sure what would be best for me.

 I understand I can boot from the CD and check things out. But I don't know if  in doing that, I would be safe using the internet or if some kind of antivirus needs to be installed first, or even how to go about it.

Before I do anything, I want to get some knowledgeable opinions and get my thoughts in order.

Thanks in advance for the guidance that will be offered in this topic. :)


....we have decided to continue support for Windows XP for as long as there is demand. We believe that computers do not grow old if they are properly maintained. On top of that, our unique security including application white listing will continue to support all recent versions of Windows including XP.

Whats the consensus on this?  Can they really offer any additional protections beyond continuing with MSE and Malwarebytes Pro?

I know part of PCmatic's schpeel is some kind of registry cleaner, but I'm assuming that could be disabled.

I believe the cost is somewhere around $50 a year.

Argh. I need help.

I am typing this from safe mode.  My computer is messed up after trying to update my MBAM PRO to the new 2.0 version.

I followed your instructions, Corinne, in this topic:!/malwarebytes-pro-question/

Here's the sequence:

-- downloaded MBAM 2 installer
-- downloaded the MBAM cleaner.exe recommended
-- uninstalled MBAM from the add/remove programs panel
--remembered I was to make a restore point.  made one.  (should have done that first, but figured I was ok because I had a system generated restore point from the previous day)
-- restarted computer.  Encountered first problem.  Desktop loaded, but taskbar links never became available (hourglass icon only)
--restarted again.  This time everything came back but very slowly.  But since I could access the internet, I checked the topics to make sure I had followed instructions and then ran the MBAM cleaner and rebooted, hoping it would clear up any issues caused by the uninstall.
--rebooted after running the cleaner.  Disaster.  Desktop loaded but never became useable.
--shut down using the button on the tower.  No change.
--decided to do a system restore via Safe Mode to yesterday.
--system restore failed.  Resolved to a blank blue screen with a cursor.
--tried system restore again.  when safe mode opened, there was a system restore message stating that the system could not be restored to that date. Trying again, I chose the restore point set up today.  Same result.
-- brought up Safe Mode again and ran system with "last known good settings"
this brought me to the desktop right after uninstalling MBAM.  However, although I could call up programs, nothing was connecting to the internet.
--rebooted a couple times via the start button to see if that would resolve. It did not.
--I reinstalled MBAM 1.75 in hopes that that might rectify things. It did not.
--restarted in Safe Mode with Networking. This time, I can access the internet. This is my current configuration.  As far as I can tell, everything is functional in safe mode.

I guess I was greedy that I wanted the extra protection from the new MBAM version. I am now very sorry I tried the update. I need help to know what to do next to at least get my system back to working condition again.

I've been meaning to ask about running disk check, as I don't believe its been done on this machine for a couple of years, but I didn't want to do that until I checked in with you guys and got your wisdom on how to fix this.

I will be awaiting your reply.  I do have my little Nexus7 that I can use to access this message board if I lose the ability on my regular machine.  Specs in my signature are up to date.

Computer Problems, Questions and Solutions! / MSE and XP
« on: April 08, 2014, 02:26:26 AM »
Since I am still using Windows XP, is it safe to keep MSE as my antivirus until they stop updating definitions in July or whenever?

My little castle is now displaying as red as if MSE is turned off. However, the console says real time protection is on and the definitions are up to date.

I'm trying to find out if this is just a scare tactic or if I need to get another anti-virus ASAP.  I was under the impression that MSE would keep working for a while yet.

If I need to replace it, I'd like a recommendation for something similiarly simple.

Actually I have a couple.

Was planning to upgrade from Windows XP Pro this spring, but  pastywhiteguy  had a hard drive failure on his laptop and elected to replace it with a  new one (lenova with Windows 8.1).  He is happily computing away.  However, I have to keep XP for a while until we can afford to upgrade me.

I decided that it would probably be a good idea to add MBAM's real time protection to my MSE (for at least as long as MSE is still working for XP).  So have purchased the lifetime license and activated it on my version 1.75 MBAM free installation.  (I also have WinPatrol Plus now.)

1. Is it advisable to update MBAM to the new 2.0 version now, or should I wait to see if there are problems for XP users with the new version?

2. I read where sometimes MBAM PRO and MSE can interact and cause computer freezes if exceptions are not set up.  I have not had that issue yet.  Do I need to be concerned about it?

3. Since activating MBAM PRO this afternoon, I have run a quick scan and flash scan and MBAM found nothing, however,  it sent up two balloons saying this malicious site has been blocked:
IP-BLOCK (Type: incoming)

Apparently this is from some Nigerian address that has sends spam that delivers malware.  I've received this balloon twice today from MBAM.  Both my email client and skype was open both times the balloon appeared.  Do I need to be concerned or do anything?

Computer Problems, Questions and Solutions! / Win7 won't start
« on: March 01, 2014, 06:45:00 PM »
What a pain! Trying to overcome unknown issues.

Have been having chronic problems, probably with Norton AV. Stalls then freezes computer.

Last night it froze again. Restarted, but it would not reboot. Instead it offers choice of start windows regularly or run the repair app. Ran that. It took about 5 minutes to get to the utility. I ran it overnight. When I awoke, the activity crawl was still crawling. Initial message was that problem could have been caused by a recent update or a hardware issue. Had Win7 updates, Norton update, and l think a Java 51 update this week. Only other anomoly has been a chronic dialog box from java 51 about notifications for changes. Played with options to no avail, could not prevent the dialog in IE11.

Now in midst of memory check.

BTW, this is pasty white guy. My PW is locked on frozen computer.

Help! TIA.

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