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LandzDown Lounge / Re: Witch Ringtone do you use
« on: October 31, 2008, 08:47:06 PM »
no....I had no idea of any of that.  I'll mess around with it and see what I can do.  The instruction manual has proven to be pretty worthless, but maybe there's something in there about that.

LandzDown Lounge / Re: Find the dot for Halloween
« on: October 31, 2008, 08:45:03 PM »
OMG...I need the industrial strength paddles after that one!  

LandzDown Lounge / Re: Witch Ringtone do you use
« on: October 31, 2008, 06:26:30 PM »
Witch phone is it you have ?

GR@PH;<'S   :Hammys pint:

I have a Nokia 1600

LandzDown Lounge / Re: Find the dot for Halloween
« on: October 31, 2008, 05:42:44 PM »
ok...somebody punch me in the chest and start my heart

Thanks! I uninstalled MSN with no ill effects to Windows Live Messenger.   I had to delete the shortcut in the Start . Programs menu manually, but everything else seems to be gone.

I somehow have both these instant messaging programs on my computer.  However, I only use the Windows Live application.

Can I uninstall MSN Messenger? Or are they somehow connected and dependent on each other. I'm wondering, since they use the same sign-in information.

I am using Windows XP, Firefox3 & IE& browsers.

LandzDown Lounge / Re: Witch Ringtone do you use
« on: October 28, 2008, 10:53:07 PM »
I wish I had the option of a ring that sounded like a real phone.

At the moment, I'm using one of the alarm sound tinkles.  Not completely satisfying.

I can't have my phone playing music.....because when it goes off, it doesn't occur to me that it isn't just somebody's radio playing somewhere.  Maybe I should use the rooster crowing one.....

Thanks for that link, R-C, and for the extra info, Winchester.

The page prompted me to download and install Macromedia Shockwave Player 11.0r65 (Installed in that version on both FF3 and IE7)  AND 

Macromedia Flash Player.   The flash player installed version 10,0,12,36  in Firefox3, and version 9,0,124,0 in IE7.  Is that right? 

And what is Macromedia Authorware Web Player? Apparently I now have that that good? Is it something I need?

Now isn't that fun?

It says it wants to install version 11?  That's strange.  I thought I just got the latest update.

Yes, when I open the version check site in FF3, it shows version 10......

Had already cleared my cache, but restarted is what the version check site said when I opened it in IE7:

I opened, IE, went to the link in your last post and this time it did download an .exe file. 

I closed all windows and ran it, it uninstalled the existing program and the installation was successful.  However, when I went to the version checking link via IE7, ( ) it is still saying that version 9 is installed.   Does that matter?

I'm sorry, but I'm still not clear about what to do in IE.  I did find a list of installers from the link you suggested. I install over what is already there, or do I uninstall first and then install the newest version?

so now what?  How can I update from version 9 in IE to version 10 in IE if nothing is downloading?

(And securia is now in my startup folder. What's that about? Is it supposed to be there?)

So that means it's harmless if it is stored in the old drive section then.  Any reason I shouldn't just delete the whole old Program file?

The download link for Adobe Flash in IE7  just returns me to the same page.  I did the "hardening up" of Adobe you suggested, then I realized it is for microphone and camera...neither of which do I have. I supposed to do the flash uninstaller first?

The flash version check link says I have current version (10) on FF3 and on IE7 it says  version  ????
This is getting very confusing.....When I uninstalled 9 and installed 10....why wouldn't it apply to both browsers? I couldn't get very far on researching how to upgrade it because the instruction links on their website wouldn't open for me.

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