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Thanks for the reply, and happy new year to you as well!

I have not tried system restore.   The glitch with Skype happened christmas eve, so I would have to check for a point before that.  I'm apprehensive about using system restore.    It would mean I would have to do the December windows update again, and those updates always make me anxious.  So to be clear, using system restore would bring back the old Skype version even though it is not a windows system function?   Even if so, Skype always updates after any restart, so I wouldn't be able to use that older version. So I'm a bit confused as to why this would work.

I only have the Microsoft store Skype app installed right now. In task manager, it shows  the app icon, but when the tree is opened,  I see both icons (screenshot attached). The icon on my taskbar is the desktop version with the white S. So maybe something is confused?

If I'm understanding you correctly,  I could uninstall the Windows app Skype,  then reinstall the desktop skype and THEN run the free version of Revo Installer?  Or would it be better to use Revo to uninstall both the  store app and the desktop?

The article you linked me to recommends IOBit Uninstaller.  Is one better than the other?

I'm not going to take any action yet, but I'll spend some time reading through that article more thoroughly.

Yes hopefully!  Its not the end of the world if I can't get it to work, but it bugs me that it always worked great until now.

I actually only waited 3 days to install the windows updates. I wasn't prompted before now. I have no idea why they would have been delayed. I'm on a basic normal update schedule.

Yes, I did create restore points.   Thanks for the recommendation.  I will try Revo Uninstaller.  I'll look for a download link on this forum with search.  I think I'll uninstall the app too. I can always reinstall it later if needed.

Yes, web cam seems to be working.  Its just not working well.  I can see the video of me, and so can the person on the other end.  However, I can't see their video.   But I'll test again.  Windows says drivers are up to date.

Searching my problem, I found quite a few instances of people that had issues with skype not opening, but only one where it opened but never progressed beyond the first screen, and there was no solution posted.  It seems like something got corrupted when I tried to add a 4th screen to the video chat, because after the crash it didn't work properly again.

Sorry, forgot this detail:  I did try to install Classic Skype from BleepingComputer.  But it would not install. Can't remember the exact error message, but it it included  that  it would have immediately updated on install.  I ran the uninstaller and it said it uninstalled successfully.

One more detail.  The Skype App is showing up on my task manager as Microsoft Skype. But the file tree opens to also show a plain Skype and a SkypeBridge listing.  So wondering if there are some shared folders between the desktop app and the Microsoft store app.

So here is my sad tale:

Was on a 3 person video call when I tried to add a 4th caller.   Skype made a crunching sound, didn't add the call, I lost video (but not voice) to the other callers,  and a few seconds later Skype crashed.

When I tried to re-open Skype, I got the initial screen and a loading animation that never resolved.

I downloaded the latest Skype installer from the Skype website and  tried uninstalling and reinstalling several times to no avail.  I did a system health check on Windows that found no problems.  Then  I  let the Windows December update install and then tried to install Skype again with the same result.    I did not try installing an earlier version of Skype because I wasn't sure where to get a safe download.

I installed and have been using the Skype app from the Microsoft store in the meantime.  However, the video reception on my end is not working  (person on the other end is seeing my camera pic just fine), and the voice quality is lacking, so  I'd like to get the desktop version working again if possible.

What I'm thinking is that the uninstall left some remnants but I don't know how to remove those safely, and whether I need to uninstall the Skype App before attempting another reinstall of the desktop version.

Thank you for any help! Computer specs in signature.

Great discussion!   

So I think that since SB is not using any significant resources, and its only mildly annoying to have to run the database updater periodically, I will continue to use it.

I saw the notice about the new version being out. 

Was wondering, though....if I have MalwareBytes Pro and Windows Defender operating on my Windows 10  PC, do I really need to keep Spyware Blaster running?    It seems like both programs include real time spyware protection now.  So maybe SWB is redundant?  Or does it do different stuff unique to itself?

Security Software Programs / Re: Malwarebytes Version 4.0
« on: November 07, 2019, 01:03:11 PM »
Question:  If I already have the setting configured for windows 10 that allows compatibility with Defender, do I have to reset that when version 4 installs?  Or will my settings carry over?

Wow. Glad Woody is on the lookout.  Thanks for the info's.  Sounds like MS is scrambling to catch up.   I think I will delay the October patch for a week or two after it is offered.

No updates are waiting for installation in my settings panel yet, so at least I've been spared the first batch of problematic updates.

I have turned Internet Explorer off.  Will they still send me this update?  I have Windows 10 1903 with the start menu problem.  So it sounds like something I don't need that might cause a problem if installed.

Security Alerts & Briefings / Re: Microsoft September 2019 Security Updates
« on: September 14, 2019, 01:50:26 AM »
Thanks. Updates installed without incident (windows 10 1903  64bit)

LandzDown Lounge / Re: LzD Withdrawal?
« on: July 31, 2019, 10:00:16 PM »
Yay. So glad to see the site resolve and appear into view again.

The world felt slightly off kilter for the last couple of days!

I updated to 3.83 with no issues. The MBAM support board talked about having an  MBAM account in case there were an future issues with update or ownership.

So then I opened an MBAM account and registered my version (that was bought through an Ebay seller) and now I have an account for a lifetime license that is not assigned to any device. There doesn't seem to be a way to connect the software details  to my computer without downloading and  installing it.  So I guess I'll leave well enough alone for now.

I thought my update went fine this month, and then the day after I finished the install, I was prompted that it needed to reinstall again.

Just like last month, same Windows 10 v.1903  KB re-installed. Nothing seems broken, but is this going be a "thing" now?

I guess its not so bad, since it was successful.  Unless I have to do it again tomorrow and it turns into a groundhog day thing.

Apparently I spoke too soon.

This morning, I was greeted with a notice to restart for updates.  Before I did, I checked and the June update had installed successfully, so what is this?   KB numbers are the same. 

After restart, both are showing as successful updates of the same KB number.  Didn't this happen to people recently with another update?  Is this the new "norm" for microsoft, re-installing the same update multiple times?

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