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I am really surprised at the relative scant coverage of one of the most important business, technology partnerships in U.S. history. This person was Paul Allen, co-partner and founder along with Bill Gates, of Microsoft, who died of cancer yesterday at 65.

RIP Paul Allen, January 21, 1953~October 15, 2018
Computer Problems, Questions and Solutions! / Re: My Documents?
« Last post by techie on Today at 03:52:57 PM »
I didn't really go into this, because you answered your own question more or less. Other users, means you don't have access to there user files. Is it another user file that you recognize, maybe previously used? Is it on a public or private setting? You have to have ownership, permissions set in order to view the documents. Setting permissions can be sometimes complicated.
Hi, johnson55.  Seems techie & I have the same questions.  :) 

If you are using Outlook, see Email sent using Outlook are not saved to the Sent Items folder
I guess I have a couple questions. Did you get Win 10 installed? What email are you using, online Gmail, yahoo? Is it a email program you use on your computer, i.e. Microsoft mail, thunderbird?
when checkng sent emails there is nothing there. I check with the people
I email and they get the email.
It has always worked before to check sent email. How can I fix this.
Computer Problems, Questions and Solutions! / Re: My Documents?
« Last post by Corrine on October 15, 2018, 05:34:31 PM »
Hi, ChuckRJr.

I've been out of town and just getting settled and it appears no one has had any suggestions.  It very well could be my "foggy brain" resulting from the travels but I'm not quite sure I understand the situation.  I get that you have multiple "My Documents" folders with one accessible and one not accessible.  The only thing that comes to mind is if you have HomeGroup set up but have not added documents to sharing in HomeGroup.  If you're using HomeGroup, this Microsoft Support document may be helpful regarding access/folders shared:  HomeGroup from start to finish.  There also is a lot of information in this How-To Geek article:  Windows Networking: Sharing With the Homegroup
I meant to say version 1809, 17763.55, not 1803.

OK. :)
I am on 1803 (Build 17134.345), and the last update (10.10) is KB4462919. This was the update I talked about above. I was not offered the 1809 version yet.
It changes so often, you may have received the update before it was pulled. I did get a cumulative update this morning, putting me on 1803, version 17763.55

I have a number of systems that need updated, so I usually create a media distribution. It's easier so every system isn't downloading the same thing. I haven't installed it on any other system yet, was waiting for any problems to be discovered.

I meant to say version 1809, 17763.55, not 1803.
Meet & Greet! / Re: Welcome New Members!
« Last post by Corrine on October 14, 2018, 04:12:07 PM »
As the saying goes, better late than never, so welcome to LzD, patfan73!
Re-released Windows 10 1809 causes Blue Screen and Breaks Audio for some

One bug leads to another; one fix patch opens up another. This is what is happening with Windows 10 1809 update which was re-released only three days ago. While the release had fixed known problems and user file deletion issue, it seems to have introduced other issues. This re-released Windows 10 v1809 causes Blue Screen & breaks Audio for some.

For some HP users, it is causing BSOD because of driver incompatibility issue, while those who are using SST or Intel Smart Sound Technology (ISST) Driver is not able to hear any sound post-1809 update. There is noting wrong with your system, and only patches from the OEMs will help. Meanwhile, there are some workarounds that may help you.


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