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Linux Help, News and Information / Re: Trouble at Scot's?
« Last post by Cluttermagnet on Today at 06:51:41 PM »
Hi, All-

I just registered on the Lanzdown site. Thanks so much for creating this alternative place.
I will see what pages on Scot's I might want to preserve. Lots of stuff, actually. Hope it is
still there and fetchable. Scots was a watering hole for me, a little oasis on the big,
sometimes insane internet. That aspect is *sorely* missed! Kudos to Scot for an
amazing 19 year run. You done good, Guy...

Meet & Greet! / Re: Welcome, raymac46!
« Last post by V.T. Eric Layton on Today at 06:38:48 PM »
Don't be silly, Ray. I found your posts at Scot's to be useful about 100% of the time. I'm sure many folks here at Landzdown will learn pretty quickly about you. :)
Meet & Greet! / Re: Welcome, ian-released!
« Last post by V.T. Eric Layton on Today at 06:36:49 PM »
New folks popping in here lately, huh? :)

Welcome, friend Ian!

I've known Ian for a couple decades. We originally bumped into one another when we were members at the old Avant Browser Support Forums. Ah... that was a ways back. ;)
Linux Help, News and Information / Re: Trouble at Scot's?
« Last post by V.T. Eric Layton on Today at 06:34:45 PM »
Ian, I saw your post regarding your email over at the Cabin. :)
Meet & Greet! / Re: Welcome, raymac46!
« Last post by raymac46 on Today at 06:33:54 PM »
Thanks, Corrine. Hope I can be useful.
Linux Help, News and Information / Re: Trouble at Scot's?
« Last post by V.T. Eric Layton on Today at 06:33:52 PM »
Hi, folks... good to see you here. Landzdown is quite an interesting forum outside of our little area here. Don't be afraid to explore, particularly you folks who have Windows on your systems at home or work. Lots of good info here!
Meh... I can sort of agree with Timothy Tibbetts article about Linux at Major Geeks. There are some things he says that I wouldn't 100% agree with, though. Unfortunately, I was up very early this morning and nap time has arrived. More later, possibly...


Regarding the "12 Best Linux Distributions....":

It looks like author Timothy Tibbetts is attempting to make a list of Linux distributions that would be, by their nature, the easiest for folks familiar with using Windows to be able to install and use. I'm only familiar with 4 or 5 of the 12 recommended. Personally, I'd just tell someone to try Ubuntu or Linux Mint. They're the easiest to download, install, and maintain.

Again, though, Tibbets is recommending to a certain group... Windows users looking for an easy-to-learn Windows replacement. For someone really interested in learning Linux and not just "using" it, then I would recommend Slackware (of course), Debian, or Arch. Steep learning curves with these distributions if you're a non-geek, non-techie type computer user, though.

There use to be an old adage on the chat rooms and such years ago that went like this... "If you just want to use Linux, install Ubuntu. If you really want to learn Linux, install Slackware" (or Debian, Arch, Gentoo, etc.). The distribution was different depending on who was repeating this adage. ;)
Linux Help, News and Information / Re: Trouble at Scot's?
« Last post by Corrine on Today at 05:51:19 PM »
You're both welcome. 

Actually, I can't take full credit -- Eric suggested setting it up here as a "just in case" due to Scot's Announcement. It was barely started and kept it private until yesterday when Scot's was down.

I hope you all feel free to contribute news, updates, tips and tricks you think will be helpful to others, particularly since LzD has been a "Windows" forum and, throughout the years, I've referred people with Linux questions to Scot's.
Meet & Greet! / Welcome, raymac46!
« Last post by Corrine on Today at 05:46:02 PM »
Welcome to LzD to another Linux fan! 
Meet & Greet! / Welcome, ian-released!
« Last post by Corrine on Today at 05:44:55 PM »
Welcome to LzD!  I hope you find the Linux info you may be looking for.  :)
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