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Hello. I don't know if my request can have place in this site because it's about Internet from a mobile android  telephone. I have a 13 old years old son, soon 14, and recently I discovered that he watched some unpropper YouTube videos. I have his google account information and got into it. Every thing he searched or watched is there. Is there anything I can do to have a kind of control of what is he doing.? I'm almost sure that the damage is done from his phone and not from his computer. I know that having the settings of his account like this, I mean to be saved, is not good but how can I see what is he doing without it? And what is the best way to prevent it instead of check afterwards? My brother who knows more than me about computers was taking care of my sons computer in the past, but he doesn't have the time anymore, and he never was concerned about telephone settings.. I would appreciate if you could help me. And please forgive my English. I made almost 40 minutes to write this. :)

You might want to consider replacing your son's smart phone with a dumb phone. That is one that can only do phone calls and text. If he wants to get on the internet, then he'll be forced to use the computer.

This will give you an idea

I don't know what is available in your country. I just read this morning that Samsung has the J2 Pro in South Korea and possibly India that can not access the internet so students will not get distracted.

Sadly, unless you lock your kids in a cage, block all contact from their friends, and take away all their devices, you cannot prevent this from happening again. :(

Using one of those phones (and accounts) like plodr suggested is a good idea. I suggest you visit your cell carrier's store and talk to them about parental controls.

But that does not stop your son's access to such content through a friends phone or computer. :(

You certainly need to talk to him candidly about the dangers. There are predators out there but sadly, most kids that age think they are invincible and it will never happen to them. So expect resistance.

Also, kids love to share photos. If they share a photo of an underaged kid in a compromising scenario, that might be considered the distribution of child pornography, a very serious criminal offense that carries life long consequences! It is truly scary. :( 

Your child's school may have some resources you can contact for help too.

For sure, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Note this is typical teenage behavior most parents ignore or are too embarrassed to seek advice. So good for you being a caring parent! Maybe not today, but one day, he will understand and appreciate that. Have patience and be persistent.

(5 kids, 8 grandkids and 1 great-grandson. Been there, done that! Have the gray hairs, receding hair line, and high blood pressure to prove it!)

Hi, Ria. 

I don't have an Android phone so someone else may have better suggestions.  However, I did locate two different apps available on Google Play that can be used to block all inappropriate content:

MMGuardian Parent App - Apps on Google Play includes "Web Filter, and more. Filter out mature contents to protect your teens and preteens and stay safe from the dark side of internet."

SecureTeen Parental Control - Apps on Google Play includes "Use the bulk of built-in categories offered by SecureTeen to block all inappropriate content from your teens' internet experience."

You would need to consider carefully how closely you "monitor" your son's activities as they have many features.

Unfortunately, the languages supported are limited to Dutch, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish but you may with to also consider Malwarebytes Security: Virus Cleaner, Anti-Malware - Apps on Google Play.  It is available from Google Play here:  Malwarebytes Security: Virus Cleaner, Anti-Malware - Apps on Google Playi.  Note:  At installation, it offers a 30-day trial of the Premium version. 

P.S.  Your English is very good!

Thank you very much about all these answers. Start from where! I wish I didn't buy him a smartphone. But can you say this to a teenager? He was the only one in the primary school he had no phone. Now, in secondary school even teachers use  viber to send students messages about lessons. I didn't have viber but I installed it to have an idea about what is going on. We talked to him and he promised that he would not do it again but how can I be sure. Smartphones are like computers and I am afraid we can't stop them. Everything is up to each children and their education from home and family. I know that I'm not alone but this doesn't make me feel better. Something else I didn't like is that YouTube says that it blocks inappropriate videos. Then how all these videos are uploaded? I will try to install one application from those you suggested and I hope I will set then right. My English is understandable and I thank Google translation about this. Thank you very much again.


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