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I hate to admit it, but a local "Cause" required me to get a Facebook account if I was going to join the rebellion.;D. Quite by accident, I became one of the ringleaders, and get more than my share of messages.

Recently, whenever I open FireFox, I've been getting those little pop-up notices about being messaged... Even if I DO NOT have a tab open to a Facebook page.

Did Facebook install something on my browser (or elsewhere) that doesn't show in the add-ons list, nor in the installed programs list?

See if this helps:  Web Push notifications in Firefox | Firefox Help.

Personally, I have my privacy settings locked down in Facebook and also use F.B. Purity which blocks the garbage I don't want to see. 

Thanks: Privacy on FB isn't easy.
I was also using FBP, but it wasn't helping on that particular annoyance.

I made the browser changes suggested by Mozilla. We'll see how that works out.

Got a message without a pop-up nagging me about it.
So far, so good  ;D

Excellent!  That hasn't happened to me, fortunately since I'm one of the moderators of our town Facebook group with over 9,400 members.  I'd be inundated with notification pop-ups, especially since we approve not only each member but also each new post. 


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