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IE and file-association
« on: January 06, 2006, 09:50:09 PM »
In the aftermath of the WMF-ordeal, I made some research that I thought could be of public interest.
The base for this has been an article published by Thomas Tydal :

   ""Internet Explorer is designed to display what is most convenient for the user.
On the internet are .jpg,.png and .gif used for images. Most web-browsers only accept those, but IE wants to be user-friendly and accept almost anything.
If you put a WMF-image inside an "img"-tag  ,IE is going to display it on the page. Even if you change the extention to .jpg and the webserver says it´s image/jpg couldn´t IE care less ; "I recognize this image , it´s a WMF-file !"

Have a look at this text-file:

It´s a plain text-file only consisting of ascii-fonts. The file-extention is .txt. The webserver says it´s a text/plain. "But hey, I recognize this one", says IE. "It´s HTML, I can interprete that. Have you seen how nice it looks".""


The text says:
"This is a text-file.
But a text-file can´t have italic fonts,can it ? "
The html-code inside is:
Code: [Select]
<h1>Är det här en textfil?</h1>
<i>Men en textfil kan väl inte ha kursiv text?</i>
And that is what IE actually should have displayed.

"" That is a problem with IE. It´s trying to assume what things are and that has caused problems in the past and will do so again.    ""


Ok, so I modified the text to English and saved it in a notepad sheet as a .txt-file.
Code: [Select]
<h1>Is this a text-file?</h1>
<i>Is it possible to type</i><h3>bold</h3><i> or italic fonts?</i>
I opened the file in Frontpage and with html.
This is how it looks, just as it would be seen on any homepage with IE:

Then I went to Internet Options and under the security tab>advanced I disabled "Open files based on the content, not the file-extention"

I then went back to the homepage of Thomas Tydal and opened
This time the plain text was displayed, together with a security warning in the toolbar , saying "this file isn´t displayed correctly, the content doesn´t match the local security settings"

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