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Questions about MyPal browser

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One further note - I have tried loading some older gecko-related extensions that both Pale Moon and MyPal say "does not work" or "is not compatible with...".  What has happened is that I have downloaded the extension into a folder somewhere and have tried to install it from the file.  Usually it gets blocked but there is a button that says "allow" also.  When I click allow the extension installs anyway.  For the few that I have done this way they seem to work regardless as to what Pale Moon and MyPal say.  Of course some extensions will not work no matter what you do.


The nosquint I installed from github works the same as the nosquint I'm used to. There is some newer version for FF that I don't care for. I think I tried it and removed.
https everywhere or https always, it doesn't matter. I was able to move the button it place at the top to the bottom where my nosquint icon sits so it will work.


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