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I figured I'd try MyPal on one Windows 7 computer. It is supposed to be based on the old version of Firefox. Mine however seems to draw all the information from Palemoon, which doesn't help me. When I went to get addons, it takes me to Palemoon's offerings which are not extensive.

1. How do I install extensions that don't work in Palemoon but did work in the old versions of Firefox? (noscript and https everywhere)
I do have the old extensions archived and I guess I can drag them into the extensions folder.

2. How do I install plugins that Palemoon doesn't include but Firefox did? Specifically so I can playback videos, some DRM that are offered free on YouTube.


--- Quote ---I figured I'd try MyPal on one Windows 7 computer. It is supposed to be based on the old version of Firefox.
--- End quote ---

Umm, it says here
--- Quote ---Mypal is based on code from Moonchild Productions' Pale Moon browser
--- End quote ---
Granted, PM was forked from FF, but as a forked program, PM has gone off on its own development tangent so I suspect the resemblance to FF now is pretty thin.

This page says support is exclusively done on GitHub so support may be thin too.

Also, everything I am reading says it is primarily for XP. 

These are the addons I'm currently using in MyPal

uBlock Origin

noSquint 2.2.2

https always 5.2.25

Thanks ky331. I'll look at nosquint on github. Mine in Palemoon doesn't ever update. It says it in NOT designed for Palemoon.  2.9.1 That's why I assumed MyPal was using the version designed for FF.

Same with https everywhere. My version is stalled at 5.2.21.
I've now installed nosquint and https always to Palemoon.

I'm off to Revo MyPal.


Have you taken a look at:  " "?  There they have a sentence that says:  "You can still download NoScript "Classic" (5.1.9) (SHA256) for Palemoon, Seamonkey, Waterfox and possibly other "vintage" (pre-Gecko 57) Firefox forks here ["here" is a hot link that links to downloading the extension]: we'll do our best to provide security fixes as long as supporting browser still guarantee their own security updates."

If it works for Pale Moon then it will usually work for MyPal because MyPal is simply an XP capable version of any current version of Pale Moon.

As for https everywhere, as ky331 wrote there is "https always" (at the Pale Moon site).  It is said to be "An HTTPS Everywhere hard-fork that encrypts your communications with many major websites, making your browsing more secure."  (" ")  Might that work for you?

A lot of the older extensions that I have in Pale Moon now have a label that says "... was not designed for Pale Moon.  It may not function properly or cease to function."  In MyPal those same extensions do not have that label.  Yet in both browsers those old extensions that I have carried over from ancient versions of Firefox still work, and I think that I found them in one of those Legacy Firefox extension archives.



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