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Web Browser With Print Preview & Print Selection & Custom Scaling?

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Hi everyone!

I was wondering if there is any other web browser that has print preview, print selection, and custom scaling like Internet Explorer?

I thought I had read that Edge would be getting these features like IE has, but as far as I can tell, Edge doesn't currently/yet have print selection and custom scaling.


I just looked at Chrome, Edge, IE and Firefox and PaleMoon. As far as I can tell, IE is the only one that does NOT have scaling other than fit to page - including Edge.  Not sure what you mean by print selection. But they all have preview too.

I'm not sure what you're talking about.

I'm talking about every IE version I remember using within the last 15 years.

Select some text on a web page, right click on it, select print preview.  In the window that opens, there are dropdown options of As laid out on screen or As selected on screen.  There is also a dropdown option, starting with Shrink To Fit, then 12 preset percentages, and custom, where any percentage between 30% and 999% can be entered.

Are you using some obscure version of IE without those options?

You didn't say anything in your opening post about "right-click" options. Now I see what you are talking about.

Chrome has it.
Pale Moon does not.
Edge does not.
Firefox does not.

Aaron Hulett:
Firefox has scaling and print selection only, but they're not really well put together, such as you can't choose selection when in print preview. Chrome is much better.


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