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Title: The Artisan dogs
Post by: Totro on July 05, 2005, 01:04:14 AM
Two guys in a bar both with their dogs alongside them:-

"Nice looking dog you got there",said the first guy.

"Yeah, I must say, yours looks pretty good too",replied the second guy.

"'course my dog is not only good lookin' he's clever too - watch this ..." said the first guy as he threw his dog a large piece of whittling wood.

In a flash the dog gnawed and chewed and gnawed and chewed and before long he had produced a beautiful figurine of the madonna.

Truly impressed, but not to be outdone, the second guy said "Well my dog is an artisan too but he is a bit more technologically oriented - he works in metal rather than wood".

"Oh yeah? Well I'd like to see that ..." said the first guy.

"O.K. You see that poker beside the fireplace there? Shove it in the fire untill the end of it is glowing red hot and nice and malleable." said the second guy.

After a few minutes the poker was glowing nicely and the first guy said, "Well, now what"?

"Now you shove that poker up my dogs arse ..."

"And what will he make in metal then?" said the unbelieving first guy.

"Weeelll ... he'll either make a spring for your throat, or a bolt for the door..."