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The Back Ache .....
« on: August 10, 2005, 12:09:31 AM »
A man was visiting his doctor for the third time in as many weeks, doubled up in extreme agony.

'Doc, doc - you gotta do something - I can't stand this back pain any longer please help me.'

The Doctor with a furrowed brow, looked directly at his patient and said 'I have some disturbing news for you - I've just been looking at the results of the tests I did at your last visit...The backpain you are experiencing is emanating from your testicles and I'm afraid the only cure is castration ...'

'Whatever Doc - just book me in for tomorrow - I can't stand this pain any longer. If you have to operate well that's OK by me - the sooner the better.'

Some weeks later, after his discharge from hospital, he decided he needed to get some new underwear to accomodate the difference in fit.

Down at his local menswear store he found the underwear fitting assistant and said 'I'd like to purchase a few pairs of those fashionable new hi-cut jockeys that I've been wearing for the last few months they're pretty stylish and my wife liked the look of them.'

The assistant minced around him for a few moments looking him up and down 'Yes sir I have the latest line of colors in stock, how many pairs will it be Sir? Judging by your height Sir, it will be the size 9's Sir?'

'Oh no - I always wore the size 7's but I think I will need a smaller size these days ...'

'Oh good gracious no Sir - with the cut of this design and your height - if you wore anything less than size 9's - your balls would rub together and give you a backache ...'

Panic slowly...

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