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21st of June: Happy Music Day

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21st of June

The most beautiful music in the world is your own heart beat.
It gives an assurance that you will survive even when the whole world leaves you alone...

In the US, most of the days pertain to food. It is good to know there are other celebrations besides food.

Today is also the Summer Solstice, "The Longest Day" (in quotes because it reminded me of the old movie with that title which was about the D-Day invasion of Normandy in WWII and, from there, Paul Anka singing the theme song from the movie, https://youtu.be/Fa1yUAal0K4.)

Supposedly, summer solstice can have you dreaming more creative and vivid dreams.
It did not affect me that way.  Same old  dreams.

Yes, it's "the longest day". That's why it was selected as the Music Day. It was first celebrated in Paris (1982), and then became celebrated in 120 countries around the world. Athens was the first city where the festive took place, outside of France. In my country, many concerts and music festivals are organized this day, and musicians play music just for fun in theaters, parks and other public places. The previous years I was a member of an orchestra and every year we had to play for hours several types of music from all over the world, traditional, classical, chorus, instrumental... A friend of mine said to me that he somewhere read that today is the world's selfie day! Grrrrrr..... We will not allow this to happen!  :o


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