Author Topic: Are you in California? (Heads up - political post about Prop 8)  (Read 8469 times)

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Re: Are you in California? (Heads up - political post about Prop 8)
« Reply #15 on: November 11, 2008, 04:38:27 PM »
As a memeber of a number of of forums, I belive these topics are best avoided.  I am just trying to promote peace and harmony here is all.

While all these topics are important, I feel that the forum is geared towards helping with PC problems, is all.

Just my IMO only

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Re: Are you in California? (Heads up - political post about Prop 8)
« Reply #16 on: November 11, 2008, 09:06:01 PM »
When I opened this topic, I knew the potential existed for things to get heated.  I thought about it for a while.  I thought about what I’d say.  Wrote posts, scrapped them and rewrote them, before settling on what I posted.  I hoped that I had said things in a way that helped ensure I didn’t offend anyone no matter where one stands regarding gay marriage.  And, I hoped we could have dialog and discussion on it not only as between respecting adults, but between good friends.

But, as is sometimes the case, there’s attempts to derail things and lead them down a path of negativity.  I can’t say I’m surprised, as, quite honestly, I’m not.  I face it all the time, and not just with this topic either.  It’s amazing how some choose to limit themselves in appreciating others’ differences and what makes each of us unique.

Which brings us here.

SpyDie has a great community here, one that I’m very glad to be a part of.  We know eachother as best we can in this online world of ours.  We share what’s going on in our lives, our new computer purhcases, new family members, new endeavors and adventures.  I shared this part of my life with you because it’s something I’m very passionate about, something that I value – that there are events occurring that I really feel are important, that go way beyond saying, “Hey vote for this person because I believe in what change he can bring,” to something much, much greater than what many of you will ever have to experience.  It’s so important that while many of my friends went out to watch the presidential election results come in, I declined the invite and went home to focus on California.  I wanted to know, to the point I fell asleep refreshing CNN’s results page.

Why?  Because California was the first state to take away our rights after we already had them.  While other states had the same initiative on their ballot, and other states have in past elections, this case was very important in that it potentially sets the stage for the rest of the country.  And now that the outcome is clear, we look at what’s next.  And no, I’m not rioting in front of churches.  I would have hoped you hold me in higher regard than that.  I find that whole thing to be people attempting to focus their frustration on something tangible rather than work towards something constructive.

So what’s next?  I certainly don’t consider the horse dead by any means at all.  What I’ve chosen to do is start becoming familiar with our state’s initiative process and start conversations with friends regarding how we move forward together.  I’m going to continue working towards what I believe in so dearly, what so many take for granted all the time and just don’t understand just how fortunate they are.  There might be some that won’t understand ever, and that’s understandable.  But, the world is not flat, and I’m certainly not going to stop working towards my rights.

And know this.  I’ll never stop.  Ever.  I’ll have to leave this world before that happens, or until the moment when we’re successful.  And don’t think, for one second, that I’m going to stop talking about what I believe in, that I’m going to, say, change my forum signature and remove links to gay pride events just to appease some that choose to express their disagreement in such a hostile and adolescent way.

Regarding the forum here, I have my takeaways from what happened.  It seems that I’m unable to share an important part of my life here with my online friends without sparking some form of negativity.  While unfortunate, it helps reinforce what I’m saying and what I believe.  In the end, if it got just one of you to think about this, to look at such negativity in our world and think about this, then I’m glad.  The world is a little better now because of it.

And if you decide to leave the forum because I’m gay and we discussed that part of my life, then that’s your choice and I respect that.  But make up your mind – either you’re here or you’re not.  Stop wasting your time, make a decision, and go with it.

With that, I’m closing the thread.  I imagine people feel like they’re skating on thin ice with this thread, and I’m sure there are some that would like this thread come to an end before things start to blow up, and I respect your feelings and thoughts.  By closing the thread, it allows us to take our learnings from our discussion and move forward in a very respectable manner.  I’m glad many of you are mature and respectful and we are able to enjoy a good conversation together.  I look forward to continuing our conversation together, whether here, at my blog, via PM if you choose, or maybe even in real life somewhere.  And don’t worry, while one bad apple might spoil the crate, I checked, and we’re not apples. ;)

All my best,