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There are days when we all need a smile.  Let's share fun/heart-warming stories here so others can share the smile.

Here's one I just read that made me smile:  Black lab likes to take solo bus ride to her dog park stop.

The Howling Wolves:
Went to Kaiser Clinic for some lab work for some stomach issues.  One must grab a numbered ticket in order to check in and while I was waiting an older lady sat down next to me saying she was light headed and didn't know if she could make it.  She has diabetes and was fasting before the lab work and then she could eat something afterwards.  I asked her to show me her ticket number, which was a lot higher than mine, so I gave her my ticket and told her she would be next to be called in.

She thanked me and was called in to have blood work drawn.  On her way out she looked for me, while eating her candy bar, and gave me a big hug and said I had made her day as she was feeling better and if I hadn't give her my ticket she would have lost it.

It made my day a little brighter showing me even little things we do reward us with a big smile and a warm tingling feeling in our hearts.

One doesn't have to look or go far to do something nice for someone else in need.  Put a smile on your face and get that warm tingly feeling in your heart.

That was very nice of you Dennis.  :hug:

Wow Dennis! What a sweet heart you are!   :flowers:

Here's my real life story that I encountered just yesterday while working.

I deliver mail for the USPS and one of my deliveries includes a 125 unit hi-rise apartment building for low income retired "seasoned" citizens. Just across the street is a gas station that many of the residents frequent to purchase necessities such as milk, bread, etc., though they have to cross a very busy 4-lane city road to get there. A few of the residents are disabled and in wheel chairs, but they do not let that stop them from going to the gas station to purchase these needs.

As I was walking across that 4-lane barely a block away from where they cross over to the gas station, I noticed one of the gentlemen who is a double (lower limbs) amputee in his wheel chair (not motorized) trying to cross the 4-lane to get to the other side, but he got his chair stuck in the snow at the curb. An east bound driver had stopped his SUV in the middle of the 2 east bound lanes to block traffic, his passenger got out and helped that man free his wheel chair and not only pushed him to the other side of the road to the gas station, yet waited for him and pushed him back across the road as the driver of the SUV pulled over, parked his truck and waited for his passenger to return and they went on their way.

The good people of the the world are out there and it's nice to know they are a part of my community.  :hug:

The Howling Wolves:
Thanks for sharing DonnaB!

I just wish our daily newspapers, TV and other media sources would publish the good things that people do instead of all the negative garbage they print or talk about.  Sure would be a positive way to start the day. JMHO


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