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Get FREE BlackBerry APP'S
« on: November 06, 2011, 06:17:33 PM »
Do you own a BlackBerry mobile phone if so then this is for you.
Research in Motion (RIM) the company that makes BlackBerry phones,
is offering each of it's non-business customers free paid-for apps,
worth more than $100 ( About £64) to apologies for service blackout last month. :2cents: :2cents:
Users couldn't access e-mail or web services for three days after a core switch on the company's server failed.
To see witch apps are being offed to you for free visit apps278
it's worth keeping an eye on that page because more apps may become available.
To claim your free Apps, you have to subscribe to BlackBerry App World using your BlackBerry  ID.
If you have not got an ID, Follow these instructions .
You then have until 31 December 2011  to download the apps.
Witch will be added to a category within the BlackBerry App World called 'A thank you gift from BlackBerry'
The BlackBerry problem raises the question of who is liable for paying compensation for downtime.
The key factor is what causes the fault, and who's responsible for fixing it.
In this case BlackBerry's own server was faulty.
So only RIM, and no networks, were responsible.
Witch is why T-Mobile and O2 said they wouldn't be offering compensation.
However, if calls and texts had been affected, the network would have been responsible for compensation, because they control these services.
If your not happy with RIM's free apps,you can always contact the network to see if  they  will offer extra compensation, 
though they're not obliged to.
Vodafone though have said it is directing it's costumers to RIM's free App offer.
and it is keeping it's options open regarding other compensation.
However, the other networks might be more flexible.

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