Author Topic: I'm baaaaack! Like it or not! hehehe  (Read 6140 times)

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Re: I'm baaaaack! Like it or not! hehehe
« Reply #15 on: February 17, 2006, 06:12:54 PM »
Thanks for the comment Ripley and to all those who commented about the stress of learning the language.

I apologize for blurting all of that other stuff out!  This was not really the forum for that.  If there was an edit feature I would have taken it out.  Sorry again.

I am doing much better now.  Sometimes just releasing a little of it from time to time, helps get me back on track to deal with it.

Today my swedish classes were a little more frustrating.  We have our classes on every Friday at a museum.  We had to go thru the museum and find something that reminded us of something we remember that we really liked and why it was so special to us.  So we were supposed to write a paragraph at least, in svenska.

But the problem is, I don't know enough swedish to make up sentences!  I know some words, but that was about it. 

I found häst och vagen (horse carriage), so it reminded me of when my husband came to the US for the first time and to meet my kids for the first time, before we got married...I took him on a horse drawn carriage ride thru the center of the city.  And the guide pointed out all the historical buildings.

But that is all that I could think to write.  Now to put it in Svenska, I had not a clue.  The only word that I knew was "man" which is the swedish word for husband.  I also knew my husbands NAME...thank goodness!  lol  And I knew to say my husband I would say "min man"  But that was all that I knew.  OH AND I knew that häst was horse because DieHard just said it was, in the post that he wrote and I read yesterday!  So all I could write was..

"Johan, min man.......häst."  lol

So my teacher had to tell me the rest of the words.  I had to read what I wrote, but the funny thing was, I didn't even know what I was reading.  Which word meant what. 

Then we had to go out into the museum again and write down 20 adjectives that we see.  (words to describe something)  Then they decided for us to put the words into sentences!  Yeah right!

I knew what adjectives were, what words that I could use, but I didn't know the swedish word for it.

I knew only these...

lite = little
svart = black
vit = white
stor = large
kallt = cold

I had other adjectives that I wanted to say if only I knew the swedish word for it.


then to put those into sentences...yeah right!  lol

So since we had the run of the museum, I went to a quieter area alone and called my husband for the swedish words!  lol  I cheated.

Then when we got back to the room, I was able to look into my dictionary for an example of a sentence using an adjective.  Such as "the boat is large"  "båten är stor".  So then I quickly wrote down a sentence since we had to get up in front of everyone to write down our answer on the "vit tavla (white board)".

I had a very short sentence.  Most of the others had very long sentences with more then one adjective in it.  But at least I got something out so I didn't have to be humiliated again, by saying I don't have anything, since I don't understand it.