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May Music change this world...


Ukrainian mom plays piano one last time in bombed-out home hit during Russian attack...

This is really a heart breaking article...

On the other hand, you hope that one day, Music may change this £$%^@ world...


Unfortunately, some music makes changes for the worse in me.
A woman drove up to the gas pumps yesterday. My husband and I were fueling the car. Meanwhile she had the windows rolled down and her choice of music blasting. I could hear it much too well despite the fact that our car windows were rolled up. She went in to the cash register to pay, meanwhile keeping her music blaring at a high volume. All that does it make me angry.  Why does she feel that I need to listen to her music choice 3 gas lanes over from her?


--- Quote ---Unfortunately, some music makes changes for the worse in me.
--- End quote ---

There is a difference between Music and noice. But this is not my point here.

Another similar picture.

John Lennon - Give Peace A Chance


Latest research: Music is as powerful as exercise or a weight loss program in improving the mental health of a person.

Source: https://www.sciencealert.com/music-is-just-as-powerful-at-improving-mental-health-as-exercise-review-suggests


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