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It was suggested we have a place for other member's to show off/link to their websites. Feel free to post links to your sites here, with descriptions.

Come on now, don't be shy!  :D

This is a site that links back us here at LzD
but then I do have a vested interest in it  :hysterical:

A Professional mobile phone unlockeers,
 only genuine electronics used to unlock your handset
Edited by GR@PH;<'S The site like me has now been Retied

GR@PH;<'S   :breakkie:

my site ( homepage) deals with web safety, settings, and free protection/prevention software ;-)
to view it, just click my signature ;-)
if you visit, if nothing else read Tony K's " how did i get infected"
the latest report i read said a new computer without current anti-virus and working firewall has a life expectancy of less than 20 min !!!
you need to set IE  and OE correctly if you use them ( i recommend Firefox and Thunderbird myself), and have some anti-malware on your system or you will be a bot, or a full screen of popups ;-)
i have screenshots on how to install AVG and some info in french too

site info is kept current by a goat,doggie,  ghost and a Phantom

i am doing this for my roomate, he has problems ( birth defect , no thumbs, and built close to the ground)

he was rescued and now lives with me, had a tough life as it shows in a piece of missing ear and a pellet lodged in his skull.
but the pellet doesn't bother him and i found i just put strong magnets around the yard and he won't
 run off and makes it easy to find him  :help:

so he has a website, but i have to do the work


first pic is right after his mommy left him here

When I am not at home watching my garden grow or playing an occasional round of golf I spend my time bird hunting in Nevada..

Here is my website.. http://home.surewest.net/jamesk/pictures1.html


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