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Are you a former Microsoft MVP or perhaps you know someone who was an MVP but due to technology changes, life/work obligations, or some other event was not renewed.  If so, it is time to Reconnect.

Welcome to the MVP Reconnect Program!
Announcing The MVP Reconnect Program & The 2016 MVP Global Summit | Steve "Guggs" Guggenheimer's Blog
Unboxing Video

Interesting. Are you no longer an MVP, or maybe you decided not to renew? Or, maybe not every MVP wishes to have their personal details published?

Nice photos:

You are correct -- for various reasons, some MVPs prefer to have their profile anonymous.  Others may elect not to show country.  But, yes, I am still a MVP.  However, Microsoft reorganized the MVP Program in October, 2015, changing the focus to Developers and IT Professionals.  Although I was reawarded Microsoft MVP, Consumer Security, in January, 2016, because of the MVP Program reorganization, consumer MVPS; that is, Windows Experience, Surface, Windows Phone and Consumer Security MVPs, were transitioned to the Windows group, effective July 1.  Thus, I was awarded Windows Insider MVP on July 1.  With it being a new program, without 20+ years organization and experience, the pieces are coming together slowly.  In fact, the award package just arrived on my doorstep a few days ago: 

Again, with it being a new program, the Windows Team is still working on getting the new website set up.  With so much going on with conferences, new builds, etc., it will happen eventually.  In the meantime, there is an "unofficial" webpage that one of the MVPs set up with permission.  However, it only includes the MVPs who provided information to be added to the "unofficial" page, a bit over 20% of the total number of Windows Insider MVPs.  MVP Listing – Windows Insider MVP's.

That said, the new "Reconnect" program announced the other day is a wonderful initiative and I hope that many retired MVPs join the MVP Reconnect.

Thank you very much for the detailed reply. And, cute photo. ;) Is that a cat?

I was unaware of the MS MVP program until signing up here at LD, as well as seeing it listed at Security Garden.
During my time here I have often wondered what the MVP program was, just never bothered to investigate. Thanks for the link! I imagined that not all MVPs wished to have their details displayed, so just wondering.

Thread drift: I love LD, and as you know, the word games (I'm an editor), yet I don't always have time to search through the sections to learn security risks or what needs immediate updating. Thus, I simply zip over to Security Garden where I know it will be listed, clearly and with the appropriate links. Yes, that means I also love SG.  ;)

Awe, thank you!  🌹

As to the cat, that particular one is a stuffed animal that was a gift.  It resembles a cat I had.  But the significance of including it in the picture is that there is an ongoing theme with Windows 10 about the Ninja Cat.  There's even an emoji:  🐱‍👤.  As it turns out, for each MVP award I've received, I have attached the MVP lapel pin to the ribbon on the cat.  The cat sits on one of the shelves on my computer desk.  Thus, I was way ahead of everyone else with my own Ninja Cat.  :)


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