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Title: need some help using forum
Post by: Brynn on January 10, 2006, 11:19:26 AM
Hey Everyone,
I can't seem to figure out how to delete a message I've posted.  I clicked on HELP, which says -- to delete a message, click "Delete".  But I don't see a delete button in the editor, or anywhere else!

Ever since I've been posting at LzD, I've not been redirected anywhere after posting a message.  I click Post, my screen goes blank...well, the browser goes blank, actually.  All I can do is click Refresh.  (If I click Back, I just go back to the editor.)  So I click Refresh, and I get the Retry/Cancel dialog box (something like - can't refresh this page without resending the info), I choose Retry, and then I get a LzD page that is mostly blank, except for an error message indicating I have posted a duplicate message.  Fortunately, it contains a HOME link, which takes me back to the forum Home.  Then I can navigate back to the thread I posted in, to confirm that the message posted.  And messages have always posted this way for me.

I've always thought it was a permanent glitch, of sorts, in the forum program/software.  But now that I realize there's no Delete button, when the HELP pages say there is one, I'm thinking there might be a setting of mine that's not allowing the forums to function properly.  I normally keep my browser "locked down", but even though I've put LzD into the Trusted Zone, it hasn't resolved these 2 problems.  Oh, and I've configured cookie-, ad-, pop up blockers, as well as firewall, to match Trusted Zone settings.  Also, on the Look and Layout Preferences page in my LzD profile, I have the box checked for "Return to topics after posting by default."

What else can I try, to resolve these things?  All comments, tips, or ideas welcome!
Title: Re: need some help using forum
Post by: GR@PH;<'S on January 11, 2006, 12:02:13 PM
If i have this right and i have been trying it out using differant theames a member can delete a post that has been made as a reply but NOT if the post is a topic starter.
if the post you want to remove is a topic starter then I recommend that you edit the post usinf the modify button type in some thing like "Sorry Please remove this post" and I sure that one of the Admin will remove it for you. (

And as far as your other problem are you allowing Cookies to be set on your pc from the forum just a thought.
GR@PH;<'S   :breakkie:
Title: Re: need some help using forum
Post by: SpyDie on January 11, 2006, 03:12:44 PM
What GR@PH;<'S said is very true.

As to the redirection, is Javascript enabled? I would clean out cookies you have for this site, clear out the tmporary internet files/DNS cache. What browser is it you are using?
Title: Re: need some help using forum
Post by: Brynn on January 13, 2006, 04:24:54 PM
Thanks GR@PH;<'S and SpyDie,
I don't have a delete button for any message, topic-starter or not.
I'm accepting cookies from LzD.
I'm using IE6.
I'm pretty sure I have javascript enabled.  (There are a few settings, where one configures a Custom security zone, which the 2 sites whose instructions I followed (Eric Howes' and mitch's) to set up my Custom zones, did not address.  One of those is "Binary and script behaviors".  So in the absence of instructions, I chose "Disable".  So if "Binary and script behaviors" includes javascript, then I do have it set to disable.  If not, then otherwise, I have javascript enabled.)
I clean out cookies and empty temp internet files once or twice per week, and doing so has not affected these problems.
Title: Re: need some help using forum
Post by: Brynn on March 06, 2006, 05:41:09 AM
Hey Folks,
I know it's been a while since I last posted in this thread.  But I just solved the redirection problem (or - lack of redirection, to be more precise) which I described in the opening message.  So just in case it ever comes up for others, I'll post the "fix".  Not that I was still working on it ;)   But I was having trouble viewing an entirely different kind of webpage on another website, and finally solved it by enabling META REFRESH.  And low and behold, the next time I posted here at LzD, I was redirected!  So, for whatever it's worth -- if you're not being redirected after posting at LzD, yet you have the option enabled in your LzD profile, check on your META REFRESH setting in IE Tools > Internet Options > Security > select the affected Zone, scroll to the setting, and click Enable.  All best.
Title: Re: need some help using forum
Post by: GR@PH;<'S on March 06, 2006, 06:39:22 PM
Glad you got it sorted and thanks for shearing this as it will help others (

GR@PH;<'S   :breakkie: