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Bruno's Prime Directive


V.T. Eric Layton:
This post was one of the introductory posts at Scot's Newsletter Forums - Bruno's All Things Linux. I think it would be appropriate if it lived on in this new place. Originally posted by me on 6 November 2010.

When I first came to BATL (then known as ATL), my first impression was of how the people on this forum were so extremely helpful and patient with a dolt like myself. I was used to nasty support boards where RTFM was a common response to folks seeking assistance. I've been here regularly for over 4 years now. I've never seen anyone lose patience or treat another poster with disdain or snobbishness. That's impressive!

Do any of you know why it's like that here? I can tell you... his name was Bruno. He was always the guiding light in this area of Scot's Newsletter Forums; and his guidance spilled over into the rest of this place, making it a wholesome, friendly learning environment. His vision was of a place where NO ONE should be afraid to ask even the simplest question, where NO ONE would ever be criticized for the choices of operating systems or applications, where NO ONE would fear being teased or demeaned. In other words, a safe haven for those seeking knowledge and friendship.

We, in order to carry on Bruno's vision, must remember these things. We MUST remember what this place is all about. We must remember that we set an example for others. We must continue to be helpful, kind, considerate of others' choices and methods. We must remember that this forum is about Linux, all things thereof. We each have our favorites. We each have our own ways of doing things. We must respect the choices and methods of others.

Even Bruno had his opinions about things. He knew that to maintain the environment most conducive to learning and assistance, he had to keep his opinions to himself at times. We want NO fanboys here at BATL. We want NO snobbish egg heads looking down upon less knowledgeable members. We will tolerate NO ill treatment of other members anywhere at Scot's.

When you log back in the next time, remember Bruno's dream. Try to keep BATL the place that I found it to be back when I first came here. Were it not for Bruno and many of you still out here, I would never have learned the things I have nor accomplished the things that I did. A new Linux Explorer needs to know that our PRIME DIRECTIVE here at Bruno's All Things Linux is to assist them to learn and gain the knowledge they seek to accomplish their own goals in Linux.

That's what it's all about, folks. Let's not forget.



I'd like to also say here at the new Landzdown Forum - Bruno's All Things Linux that we very much appreciate the opportunity to continue on with Bruno's dream in this place. We hope to become an asset to Landzdown Forum and all of its members, whether they be interested in GNU/LInux or not. We would also like to assure the Landzdown folks that we intend to follow ALL Landzdown rules and traditions. Thank you to the owners of Landzdown and, particularly, my fellow Admin at Scot's Newsletter Forums for many years, Corrine for making this happen. ~E.


And as he was fond of saying:

--- Quote ---"We try to avoid the word "newbie", it does no justice to the efforts we, also the beginners, put in to learn a new operating system. I think the wish to learn Linux shows a brave attitude and deserves a better qualification." --Bruno
--- End quote ---


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