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When you first decide to try out and install Linux, you'll have to choose a distribution or distro. This is a preconfigured set of programs that gives you the operating system ready to go.
A distro always has some sort of way to display stuff on screen. In a lot of distros, this is called the desktop environment or DE. Each distro will have a default DE but you can mix and match as you get more proficient.
Each DE has advantages and disadvantages. I thought I might go over a few I have used, and also suggest a few distros that use each one well.
GNOME: It's been around a while, and it's changed over the years. Many people don't care for it as it is pretty monolithic and not all that customizable. Ubuntu uses it (modified a bit) as its default. Personally I like to use GNOME on Debian.
KDE (Plasma): Another favorite and it can be customized as much as you want. I don't use it currently but I have had good luck using it with Mageia and Open SUSE Linux in the past.
Xfce : A bit more lightweight but still very useful. I would try MX Linux here as it is very slick. Also Manjaro or Endeavor OS might be worth a look although these are in The Arch Linux category which can be more advanced.
Cinnamon: Very nice if you are coming from Windows. This is the flagship DE for Linux Mint and that is where I would use it.
LXQt: Very lightweight but still easy to use. Lubuntu gives a very good experience here, but if you want to be a bit more leading edge you can try Sparky Linux.
Now I have by no means exhausted all th possible ways to display things in Linux, but if you are just starting out, these are some distros I would look at. If you want me to recommend just one, I supose Linux Mint with Cinnamon would be my choice. Second choice for older systems would be MX Linux.

Well posted. Since this site has no like button, let me say thanks.


Which distro would you recommend for an Acer Aspire One netbook? Used mostly for browsing and email while traveling. Don't need office suites, graphic design programs, etc.

CPU: Intel Atom 1.6GHz (32-bit x86)
RAM: 1Gb
Hard Disk: 160Gb

Contents removed because I'm using an Aspire which is 64 bit and has more RAM.

Let me test a 32 bit version on my Asus netbook which has only 1.5 GB RAM and I might be closer to the hardware you have.


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