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One of the nice things about Linux is that you can run a modern OS on machines that would otherwise be in a landfill. I thought I would outline my personal collection of junkers so you can see the possibilities.
1. Dell Inspiron desktop (2007) - a truly ancient machine that has been extensively upgraded with a Solid State Drive, more powerful processor and 8 GB of RAM. Originally ran Vista but now has Endeavour OS - an Arch Linux derivative. It is a pretty good machine for basic tasks and I use it as a music box in the Workroom.
2. Toshiba netbook (2010) - I changed the hard drive for a cheap SSD but it has the same Atom processor and 2 GB of RAM. It ran Windows 7 starter but now has Arch Linux. Nice design but not a terribly useful machine these days.
3. Custom built desktop (2013) - mostly AMD hardware, has an old SSD and HDD and 16 GB of RAM. Runs Linux Mint like a champ, and never has had any other OS but Linux.
4. Lenovo Thinkpad T430 (2012) - upgraded to 12 GB RAM and has an SSD standard. Originally ran Windows 7, now has Debian Testing on it. A perfect Linux machine we take on travel junkets ( or used to before COVID.)
5. Lenovo Flex2-15D (2014) - a cheap AMD based laptop with 8GB of RAM that ran Windows 8.1 when new. Another workroom machine. Currently runs Lubuntu LTS. I upgraded to an SSD with this machine and it was a bear to disassemble.
So in summary nothing I have is less than 8 years old and most have at least been upgraded to an SSD. Where possible I have increased the RAM to at least 8 GB. All are perfectly useful for light office tasks and most can play videos and surf the net very well. Hopefully this can give you all some ideas of what can be accomplished if you want to save an old machine from the landfill.

The first time I tried linux was back in the early "naughties" with RH 8 and Mandrake (9?). Can't remember the computer, but it wasn't too far beyond a 200MMX.

The next time I tried linux was in 2008 with ubuntu 8.04 on an AMD 1800XP. I stayed on it until 2010 when I bought a new Dell 1545. I chose Dell as they "kind of, sort of" were familiar with linux. That computer came with win 7 and I kept win on it for 10 weeks (to make sure there would be no warranty issues) then ubuntu 10.04 went on and it was only LTS's from then on. I still have that old laptop that we use for Zoom meetings and is currently running Linux Lite.

I have a Dell Chromebox (new in 2015, bought to be a media client) that I flashed Mr Chromebox's firmware in 2021, to get rid of Chrome (that Google decided it didn't want to support anymore) and added a cheap stick of 4 GB ram (6GB total) and switched out for a 128 GB M.2 drive  and it also runs Linux Lite and makes a crackin' good Kodi box.

I also have two old Toshiba laptops from 2007-8 (Vista) that also run Linux Lite. The L300 that I use, I tried Debian11, Zorin, as well as Mint, but just wound up putting Linux Lite on it as I really don't care to distro hop and other than esthetics, they were more or less all the same. The A200 is a bit wonky, so I keep it for parts for the L300.

I am able to still use equipment that would otherwise be thrown out and wind up in the landfill. I am, however,  somewhat bemused at the lack of outcry from the "tree huggers" about all the perfectly usable pre-windows 11 computers that will quite likely be put out with the trash come the latter part of 2025.

More linux computers, I reckon. ;)

I had an extensively upgraded Acer Veriton M 6610 desktop from 2011 that had a Sandy Bridge i5 in it. It ran Windows 10 but now Microsoft doesn't even support that any more on old Intel 2nd gen Core CPUs. I put Linux Mint on it and the grandkids use it all the time for remote learning with Google Classroom software. There's no reason to junk anything newer than 10 years of age, as I see it anyway.


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