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1finder and uproar
« on: October 14, 2005, 05:27:14 PM »
Do any of you guys know if and uproar are malware/spyware or whatever?

Here at the library, they are on a network, altho, they have 6 computers all with their own "box".  They don't all have the same OS on them, and don't always work the same, altho they have them linked to the network.

I am not too familiar with the networks and probably don't or won't need to know, since it is not something that I personally would have to deal with.

BUT there are two of their pc's that they have trouble getting the homepage to stay the same.

They don't understand it because to go in and change the home page by going into Internet Options is restricted to Administration.  It is blocked...from the users/patrons.

All the other computers are linked to the same network and they are all showing the library's home page as they want.

BUT on these two pc's, they have those two that I mentioned above as the home page.  No matter what the administration does, they can't keep it from coming back.

I don't have any control here at the library to run a hijack or anything to check.  But I thought I would inform them if you know these two websites to be a problem.  So maybe I can alert them to something they would need to do.