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For the past couple of days, every time I attempt to login to my Microsoft Hotmail e-mail account, I'm stopped and asked for my date of birth. After reading about all the recent corporate hacking, I am worried about giving them any personal information. Has anyone else had a similar request from Microsoft?

That is strange.  I've never been asked for my date of birth.  Just logged in to my Hotmail account and wasn't asked.  What URL are you using?  Even though it is Hotmail, the URL is

I normally get to my e-mail by first going to and clicking on the "" link at the top left hand of the page. Strangely enough I tried to do just that right now to check the URL and was able to open my e-mail. Let's see if I get stopped tomorrow.

First the bad news: I'm still blocked from logging-in to my Hotmail account, unless I provide my day, month and year of birth. I have however found a back-door access to my account by signing-in to MSN and clicking on the mail icon.

I created my account over 20 years ago when the big internet related corporation weren't mining personal data from its users. Things have since changed and personal information has become very valuable and that is why, in my opinion, MSN is asking for my birthdate.


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