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Facebook today..log-in...FISHY?

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I am trying to log-in to face book and it stating I may have malware and I have been compromised
ran MBAM and another one and I am clean..whats up?
they also want me to download TrendMicro  scanner..until I do this!

Are you attempting to log in from a saved bookmark, typing the URL in the address bar or from a link?

Facebook Integrates Trend Micro’s HouseCall to Fight Online Threats -

--- Quote ---Potentially infected users are identified and notified by Facebook with the option to download the free version of HouseCall, which will check for and remove malware. HouseCall will begin its scan on affected accounts of users who choose to download the scanner, and users will be able to continue using Facebook while the scan takes place. Once the scan is complete, a message will alert users if the cleanup was successful or unsuccessful. [bold added]
--- End quote ---

saved bookmark,

I'm curious to see what happens when you try a different browser.  If you still can't log on, you may have not alternative but to use the TM scan.

Is this legite..because it wont let me use facebook unless i run that file??


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