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Is this a legitimate update?

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I keep getting a popup window "A program needs your permission to continue.  If you started this program, continue.

Oracle America, Inc.

It has the little cup of coffee icon.

I didn't start this update, but maybe it's automatic.  I'm cautious about these updates having been fooled once before.

How do I know if this is ok?

Also, what's the name of that program which checks your computer to see if all programs are fully updated?  I think it's the little Scotty dog one?  I had it but my son removed it, and I'd like to get it back.

jucheck.exe is the Java Update checker:

The coffee cup icon you describe is Java's

As for the program version checker, perhaps you are referring to Secunia?

Hi, Daisy.

The "Scotty Dog" is WinPatrol:

Considering the severe vulnerabilities in Oracle Java lately, you may not even need it on your computer.  Please see Do You Need Java?

Thank you both.

You're welcome. 

Smart move to ask when in doubt!  :thumbsup:


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