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Outdated Firefox ... New Scam?


I was just browsing the "Google News" page.

I clicked on an interesting looking headline.
My browser froze for a short time.
When the new tab opened, it was a page telling me I had an outdated version of Firefox.
The download window opened (without my consent), with a file that contained the word "Firefox" but was otherwise unfamiliar.
I closed the download window and the tab.
The download window opened again.
I closed it again.

"Help" + "About" reassures me that I'm up to date.


Follow up:
The same link appears clean now.
The MercuryNews (a California based news site) must have been hacked, and then cleaned up.
OR ... Google had a contaminated redirect link.

Thank, Pete. 


--- Quote from: Corrine on June 24, 2020, 03:45:49 PM ---Thank, Pete. 

--- End quote ---
A quick search indicates that it's NOT NEW. It just happened  to be the first time I stumbled upon it.

I guess it could also have been an ad that the Mercury News didn't screen thoroughly.


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