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Adobe Acrobat DC and Reader DC Security Updates Released


Adobe has released updates for Adobe Acrobat DC and Reader DC for Windows and macOS. Adobe has released security updates for Adobe Acrobat and Reader for Windows and macOS. These updates address multiple critical, important, and moderate vulnerabilities. Successful exploitation could lead to arbitrary code execution, memory leak, security feature bypass and privilege escalation.
Release date: April 12, 2022
Vulnerability identifier: None
Platform: Windows and MacOS

Update or Complete Download
Reader DC and Acrobat DC were updated to version 22.001.20117 for Windows and version 22.001.20112 for Mac.  Updates should become available via the internal updater or checks can be manually activated by choosing Help/Check for Updates.  Reader DC and other versions are available here:

Note: UNcheck any pre-checked additional options presented with the update. They are not part of the software update and are completely optional.

[*]Release Notes
[*]Security Bulletin
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