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Comments have been posted here and other places that I frequent regarding the change in the information provided regarding monthly Microsoft Security Updates.  Granted, Security Advisories and Security Bulletins are available at TechNet.  However, the additional and often in-depth information that used to be provided on the MSRC and Security Research and Defense blogs is missed by many.

Following are three sites that provide additional information about the updates.  The links to the Cisco and HP blogs are to the tags being used for the "Patch Tuesday" posts.  Trend Micro uses a "vulnerabilities" category but the article about the updates is easy enough to locate.
[*]Cisco Talos Blog: patch tuesday -- Links related bulletins together and provides a description of targeted vulnerability and product being updated.
[*]Tag: "Security Patch" on the Zero Day Initiative Blog -- Dustin Childs (formerly Senior case manager in the Microsoft Security Response Center) provides the type of analysis that he and others used to provide in the MSRC blog posts.
[*]Vulnerabilities | TrendLabs Security Intelligence Blog -- Information about key bulletins is provided.[/list]

IMPORTANT:  Change to the Release Schedule of Non-Security Updates | Office Updates

From:  Upcoming change to the release schedule for non-security updates | Office Updates

--- Quote ---We want to let you know about an important change coming to the release schedule for Office updates so that you can plan accordingly. Until now, both security and non-security updates have been released on the second Tuesday of each month. Starting in April, the non-security updates will be released in Microsoft Update and the Windows Server Update Service (WSUS) on the first Tuesday of the month, which is April 5 in this case. This will include all updates that have the Critical or Definition classification. Updates with the Security classification will continue to release on second Tuesday as usual.

This change applies only to the MSI version of Office. Office Click-To-Run (C2R) will release on second Tuesday.

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--- End quote ---


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