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Net poses dangers for soccer fans


Net poses dangers for soccer fans:

Following your favourite football team in the World Cup via the net has its dangers, revealed research.

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There's also the World Cup Soccer Worm Spreads - Disables Security Software

--- Quote ---A vulgar new worm has been found spreading that is taking advantage of the 2006 World Cup Soccer games. The worm arrives as an E-mail attachment with one of the following subjects and message bodys:


1. Soccer fans killed five teens
2. Crazy soccer fans
3. Please reply me Tomas
4. My tricks for you
5. Naked World Cup game set
6. My sister whores, **** i dont know
--- End quote ---
Full text at link above.

Nude worm tempts World Cup fans

"Football fans are being warned about a malicious worm that uses world Cup themed e-mails to infect Windows PCs."


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