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Solved: Firefox refuses to save login here

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I am in the process of switching from Palemoon to Firefox.
Palemoon has me logged in here when I click the bookmark but Firefox refuses to.
I have the site whitelisted. I have a cookie protected. In fact it doesn't expire until 2027.
This is the only site that I have a problem with; all other sites behave normally.

Yesterday I removed my login credentials figuring I'd start from scratch. That did nothing; I still have to select the username, it then fills in the password and I'm finally in.

Anyone have a clue as to what else I can try?

When you login, is "forever" selected?

I have the same problem with a handful of websites ... sometimes the user name field is blank, sometimes it's the password field.  I've tried editing the saved logins via Options/Privacy & Security/Logins & Passwords/Saved Logins, but it never seems to make a difference.   If I click on the empty field the proper info populates, but it should be 'easier' than that  :-\

On the bright side, it only affects a few sites, not a lot of them.

Yes, I have forever selected.
To compound the confusion, I'm on my laptop and it works perfect here. (Same version of FF, same theme, ).
I just checked and my desktop computer has 2 addons that the laptop doesn't. I think I'll disable them and see if one of them is causing the problem.


Here is a shot in the dark, when you log in are you at " https://www.landzdown.com/ " instead of " http://www.landzdown.com/ "?  See my two posts at " https://www.landzdown.com/suggestions/not-saving-log-in-password-edge/msg203051/#msg203051 ".

In my case it turned out that my old bookmarks did not not have the https but only the http.  I think that I set these old bookmarks way back when I first joined Landzdown.  But I am guessing that eventually landzdown switched to https and since I had not used the firefox bookmarks since before that switch, Firefox was going to the http.  Once I switched it to "https" everything worked as it should.



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