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Firefox your connection is not secure

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When I try to log into Landzdown Forum I get this warning from Firefox  ( your connection is not secure)

I have no trouble using Google.

Using Windows 10 Pro 64 bit  version 1703  Build 15063-447
Firefox version 54.0.01

Are you using HTTPS Everywhere?  There are problems with the last SMF forum software update, installed last week, with HTTPS and it had to be disabled.  The developers are aware of the problem. 

Edit Note:  Another option instead of disabling HTTPS Everywhere is to just change the URL in the address bar to HTTP.

Also clear the cache in Firefox. To begin with, we issued redirects to enforce users onto HTTPS, and this redirection will have been cached by your browser. Sometimes they don't get flushed naturally.

Thanks for your advice Corrine and  SpyDie :)

I disabled HTTPS Everywhere, tried changing HTTPs to HTTP in the address bar. Cleaned cache, but to no avail still getting your connection is not secure.


Aaron Hulett:
Can you clarify where you're seeing the message?

If I go to http://www.landzdown.com in Firefox it shows a padlock with a line through it - clicking on it shows the message "Connection is Not Secure" which is accurate and 'by design' at the moment. Are you seeing it there or somewhere else?


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