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Accused Kelihos botmaster's former employer 'angered' at revelation



--- Quote ---A security-related company that until late December employed the Russian developer who allegedly created the Kelihos botnet said today it was "extremely disappointed and angered" at the revelation.

Returnil, which sells the Virtual System Pro program, confirmed Wednesday that Andrey Sabelnikov had worked in its St. Petersburg office until Dec. 21, 2011.

The company's software clones an existing copy of Windows in a virtual machine as a way to protect users from malware.

"We are extremely disappointed and angered that someone who was a member of our team could be implicated in this type of activity," Michael Wood, Returnil's vice president of product management, said in an email reply to questions posed Tuesday.
--- End quote ---

Sabelnikov also worked at Agnitum from September 2005 until November 2008.

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