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BY: Scott Olson, VP of Product Marketing, iovationMarch 11, 2019

In this Help Net Security podcast, Scott Olson, the VP of Product Marketing at iovation, talks about the impact of spear phishing, and offers practical suggestions on how to prevent this growing threat.

This is a growing problem and if you’re curious what spear phishing is or if you haven’t heard about it, spear phishing is the fraudulent practice of sending emails or other messages. It could be a text message as an example, that appeared to be from a known or trusted sender, and is sent in order to induce the targeted individuals to reveal either confidential information about the organization, to provide details that would allow a compromise of the network, or to execute a financial transaction. Most of the large spear phishing breaches have targeted wire transfers and financial transactions, although there are some examples that I’ll be discussing that included data breaches.

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