Author Topic: Tips for safe summer travels: your cybersecurity checklist  (Read 988 times)

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Some tips to consider when you're planning on traveling: Tips for safe summer travels: your cybersecurity checklist

I frequently see social media posts where people do not follow the "Do not announce the dates of your upcoming travel plans on social media." tip.  It is a nice invitation to thieves that you will be away.  The police department I live in has a nice service.  Let them know when you will be away and they will schedule house checks: 

A house check includes an officer walking the perimeter of your house while you are away and checking the windows and doors to ensure that they are locked.

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Re: Tips for safe summer travels: your cybersecurity checklist
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Our sheriff's office provides residents with the option of House Checks or Close Patrols.  A house check involves a deputy physically inspecting all doors and windows to ensure the security of the home. A close patrol puts deputies in your neighborhood to view the property from the road and provide extra patrols in the area.  Both are free.
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