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Title: Web stalkers to get face search plug-in
Post by: Frands on January 07, 2007, 12:13:56 PM
I am not proud to be a Dane this morning when I was reading following writeup on The Register's site. I am very angry because some dunderheaded bad guys has got a real bad idea, which can make your private informations on the net very unsecure. I'm shocked!! :shock: :
If privacy campaigners think the internet has given them stomach ulcers, they ain't seen the latest in facial recognition web search yet.

The idea is that you can snap a picture of someone with, say, your mobile phone, stick it on your computer and use it to search the web for other pictures of the same person.

Using a system being developed by Polar Rose, you might also discover who they are, where they live, and what other people have to say about them. An upcoming plug-in will allow you to do this with any image on the web.

Mikkel Thagaard, Polar's vice president of business development, told The Register he was planning to let people get at this sort of information straight over their mobile phones.

Stalkers, muggers and pointy-nosed predators of all ilks might have a field day with it. Even nosey neighbours, curtain twitchers, and weekend vigilantes should be rubbing their hands when they hear about this one.

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