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Title: Woody Leonhard (AskWoody) is Retiring!
Post by: Corrine on November 09, 2020, 10:06:56 PM
From FREE EDITION: A changing of the guard at @ AskWoody (
I’m retiring.

But AskWoody marches on — in new but familiar, and highly capable, hands.

I was nudged into retirement by a combination of medical concerns, family obligations … and a screaming desire to turn my attention to interests outside the computer industry.

So it’s my great pleasure to announce that Patch Lady Susan Bradley will be taking up leadership of the cause — as major-domo of, as managing editor of the AskWoody Newsletters, as guiding light of the @AskWoody twitter ( charge — and, most importantly, as a spiritual advisor to gazillions of disenfranchised Microsoft customers. She also has a new column in Computerworld: Microsoft Patch Lady (

For those not familiar with Susan Bradley, she has been awarded Microsoft MVP for 20 years.