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Testing / Preview test
« Last post by plodr on Today at 12:10:08 PM »
For some reason, preview is not working.
Let's try some different browsers.
Well today it worked!
Well what I try to explain to people distro hopping is.. Over the years of trying many distros and testing a lot of others, you come to realize that any distro can be made to look and feel like any other distro. Most of the differences are simply default theme and defaults applications. The package manager choice is really the most unique thing about any Linux distro. You can even change that on some distros (apt-get is available on arch via the AUR). I could literally take any distro and make it look and act like pretty much any other distro. I can build from source like slackware or have a full blow gui package manager like Synaptic or others.

That is one of the major appeals to me with Archlinux, I can set up the system the way I want out of the box instead of changing and removing things afterwards. To each their own though, any Linux distro is better than the alternative.  8)
Linux Help, News and Information / Re: SysVInit vs SystemD
« Last post by securitybreach on Today at 01:28:30 AM »
Good explanation:

There are four layers in this abridged explanation of the audio stack.

    The hardware.

ALSA has all the hardware support. It's great at talking to a whole load of different stuff but it's relatively rubbish at talking to more than one application or providing network-aware features like Pulseaudio.

In this sort of stack, PulseAudio is the only thing that interfaces with the main ALSA devices so if you want to make a sound, you either have to kick PulseAudio off, or interface with it.

PulseAudio can accept connections from clients that only speak ALSA (it pretends to be an ALSA device) for legacy reasons which allows things like Wine, Skype, et al to work (most of the time).

ALSA is the kernel level sound mixer, it manages your sound card directly....PulseAudio is a software mixer, on top of the userland (like you'd run an app). When it runs, it uses Alsa's channel and manages EVERY mixing stuff, devices, network devices, everything by itself
Linux Help, News and Information / Re: SysVInit vs SystemD
« Last post by securitybreach on Today at 01:22:57 AM »
I've been using SystemD primarily since Archlinux moved to it back in 2012. I've gotten used to it but that was the only time that an upgrade broke my Arch install to the point of not being able to fix it. The update that switched Arch from SysVinit to SystemD was a major change that a lot of installs didn't make it past. BTW Alsa and Pulse are not an either/or thing, I actually use them together on my arch install.

PulseAudio is a general purpose sound server intended to run as a middleware between your applications and your hardware devices, either using ALSA or OSS.
Linux Help, News and Information / Re: SysVInit vs SystemD
« Last post by securitybreach on Today at 01:17:14 AM »
Oh no, this is as bad as an Vim versus Emacs thread (Vim FTW!)
Linux Help, News and Information / Re: Trouble at Scot's?
« Last post by securitybreach on Today at 01:16:23 AM »
Good deal. I have switched emails quite a few times but I still have access to about 99% of them and check them. I did stop using my gmail accounts though because I was tired of google cancelling popular projects (dropping my almost 90k member G+ community was the last straw).
It's like looking at someone's actual desk/work area. It tells you something about people by the way the set things up. ;)

So what does mine say about me?? I love terminal apps and don't care for aesthetics?
This is from a year ago but this is what is currently looks like still.

Full size:

Full size:
Linux Help, News and Information / Re: Lest We Forget...
« Last post by securitybreach on Today at 12:57:24 AM »
Oh and hey plodr.
Linux Help, News and Information / Re: Lest We Forget...
« Last post by securitybreach on Today at 12:55:20 AM »
Well I just found Scots forums after searching for a linux forum after getting Mandrake installed. Not long afterwards Bruno and a few others helped me get Slackware installed. The rest is history. My first post was back in 2004 trying to configure Slackware 10.1.
OK, I have been hearing everyone talking about Slackware. I have downloaded all 4 disks.I have been using Mandrake for awhile now and think I will learn alot more about Linux by installing Slackware 10.0. I was just curious if anyone had any comments for a Linux beginner jumping in and installing Slackware. Is there some package manager for Slack or is it all ./make, ./install? Also, I have a 30gig harddrive. What should I sett my partitions at? Any help would be grealty appreciated. Thanx
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