Microsoft and withdrawel of agents.

Started by Pierre75, June 11, 2018, 06:03:54 AM

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If I have posted this in the incorrect place - sorry. Link attached.

I am sure someone has already picked this up and it is not as bad once it is disected.


I saw that report. I guess it was not really a surprise since mainstream support for Windows 7 ended 3 1/2 years ago.

As a side comment, I did not realize they used the term "Microsoft Agents". I thought the use of the word "agent" was a poor choice. There are already tin-foil hat wearers out there who think Microsoft is spying on us. No need for the "secret agent" annotations now.  :-\

And did you notice who owns that Microsoft Forum? Olga_Ga. That was probably common knowledge but since I don't participate at that forum, I never noticed. Oh well.

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Some years ago, I attempted helping in the "Answers" forums but felt as though I was trying to help in the midst of a chaotic mess with no sense of order.  It may have improved over the years (or not) but I haven't been inclined to find out.

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QuoteIt may have improved over the years (or not)
When researching issues, Bing (surprise, surprise!) searches often hit on posts in the Answer forums. No, it has not improved over the years. Not only is it still a chaotic mess, but many of the "Agents" there remind me of typical tier 1 tech support people at many ISPs and company warranty support sites - poorly paid "techs" (cough cough) with next to nothing for training who only know how to follow a checklist - or in these cases, plug in canned texts that rarely apply to the OP's problem. :(

And I find that very sad. I realize free tech support is very expensive - typically yielding $0.00 in returns. But Microsoft already has an image problem. And clearly, they have the resources to staff the forums with highly qualified people. The problem, as I see it, is a typical one for Microsoft - they want it their way or no way. If they set up their forums the way many of the better tech sites run their forums, I feel they will have happier customers and even more people willing to help out.

But what do I know?
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Freedom is NOT Free!
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I find better support in forums from users in the trenches that might have had the same problem.

I might find a thread in the MS one which will lead me to research possible solutions. But I. too, found the MS site disorganized. I won't miss the "help" there and the archived threads are available when searching to try and solve a problem.
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